The Stealing Of America – The Unethics Of America’s New Undemocracy

Dandelion Salad

by Mickey Walker
Aug 3, 2008

We used to ponder the great questions of man.  We are no strangers to the eternal debate of right and wrong as applies to humankind, to our very selves, our neighbors, to our very world we live in.  We studied and debated the merits of John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) and his Utilitarianism approach to great questions of ethics, e.g., is the greatest good for the greatest number of people, right?  Do the moral ethics of us all demand that we hold true to a few certain beliefs, namely the ones that promote the highest welfare and protection for the greatest number of us who coexist in a democratic society?  Or (perish the thought) shall we continue to sell out to dark forces disguised as patriots who would destroy America and continue to shatter our rights as free people for their own greed and gain?

Our forefathers who authored the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution understood the dear importance of these concepts well.  Somehow they knew and anticipated the usurping of the rights of the common man by the few who possessed power and money and who had no intention of sharing their earth’s bounties with their fellow man.  To them, the chattel of the masses, the greatest number among us, the common people of America, were liabilities.  Our Forefathers anticipated this peril and seeded the Constitution with firewall laws to help fend against this stealing of America.

Today, much money and effort is spent on demonizing the poor, or at best, just disregarding them, as though they do not exist.  See, the poor, the middle class, the working man in America, though he be part of the greatest number, is a tax burden, a liability to the rich and more fortunate.  They who would paint such an unattractive picture see the masses as a tax liability that robs their own pockets.  If it weren’t for them, they pontificate, we (the upper crust) would have more money to spend.  Privileged and arrogant, they resent paying taxes that might help educate a carpenter’s son, and they make fun of the poor, the working man, as a class.  Mockingly, those who protest the poor and the government programs that help them, say things such as, “Government was not meant to help the poor from cradle to grave.”  They try to shame the poor for even drawing upon government assisted programs passed into law by Congress.

But hold on.  The language in the Declaration of Independence is clear:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Such pure language!  Let no man try to alienate them from us.  Made me feel good when I first heard them as a kid, and I knew that our Founding Fathers cared about us with all the fiber they possessed.  Unalienable rights are rights which cannot be sold, bartered, or taken away.  Yet many specific instances of our unalienable rights granted us under the Constitution have been stolen away while we watched trustingly as our government betrayed us.  And the destroyers gave us new language as pabulum as to why it was best for us to give up many of our basic freedoms as Americans.  They told us that the greater good was the ability to fight terrorists so that they would not kill us.  And no one questioned them as they decimated America and unhinged our sacred laws granted all Americans under the Bill of Rights in the Constitution.  So where is bin Laden?

The language of the Neocons (the ones who destroyed our laws) is also clear.  Many Neocon talking points lulled us to sleep while they burned democracy slap up.  They argued the virtues of torture and trashed our treaty the USA signed under the Geneva Convention which banned torture.  See, the Geneva Convention, along with the Red Cross defines torture for what it really is, while President Bush argues the point.  He maintains (and got his Attorney General to back him up) that water-boarding, one of our favorite methods at Guantanamo, Cuba, is not torture.  Do tell.  The Red Cross does not agree.  In fact the Red Cross, devoted to helping the broken, wounded, and downtrodden, sternly holds us liable for our actions, and says some of our leaders who condone and direct torture, could be tried as war criminals.

Guantanamo is a unique place.  It exists above the law where Neocons argues that some humans are more equal than other humans.  Habeas Corpus does not exist there.  Neither does a trial by a jury of your peers.  You see, if you are branded to be an enemy combatant, you have no rights, the Neocons say, under the law or the Geneva Convention.  They won’t even tell you why you are being imprisoned.  Hmmmmm.  So Torture doesn’t apply in this case, get it?  Is this really who we have become?  Really?

Abu Ghraib was an eyeful for the world to see the United States in all its glory as bringers of democracy to Iraq.  Hooded prisoners with electrical wires attached to private parts seemed like torture, alright yet in the predictable doublespeak monologue of Bush, he says, “We do not torture.”  Think the world believes him?  Do you?  Moreover, do you care?  If the masses of Iraqis are all truly evil, that’s one thing, but are they?  Are they really?  And if we think it’s okay to torture them for a higher good, then what is the good?  Does it make us better Americans?  Do we not get a twinge of shame deep within us, knowing that women, children, and millions of Iraqi innocents are caught in the crossfire of George Bush’s private war, and that “It is better to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here at home?”  I cannot imagine Iraqis giving a camel turd enough to come over here and attack us at home.  I think they are weary of having us occupy and shoot up their country and wish us gone so that they can get back to their business of government ruled by an elected Shia majority.  Didn’t we bring free elections and majority rule to Iraq?  So why we still hanging around? With al Sadar’s help, Iraqis can damn sure snuff out al Qaeda.

A friend asked me the other day why you never hear much about the Iraqi casualties on the news.  “I don’t know.”  I told him.  “Perhaps it’s because we have been brainwashed into believing that Iraqis are expendable, second-class, Muslims who we have cast as synonymous with terrorists and not worthy of much news coverage.”  Christ.  Are we that stupidly callous?  Do we not remember whose country we are occupying?  Have we become the new Crusaders who would plunder the oil like the Christian Crusaders plundered the gold while killing Muslims who occupied the Holy Land?  Are Iraqis and their continued plight, filed in the darkest parts of our mind, an incidental reality to watching the “Simpsons” and football?

The greatest good for the greatest number.  That would be the vast majority of Americans who work for a living, right?  So why would it be in our best interest for the president to break the law, wiretap us without a lawful court order, and say it was for our own best interest?  Really?  He illegally wiretapped over one MILLION Americans on that bum premise, that lie with a hidden agenda, so that he could get the goods on his enemies without giving the FISA Courts or anybody else a record of who he wiretapped. And the phone companies who enabled Bush to break the law should have had their feet held to the fire instead of getting immunity.  In washing away the sins of Bush and the phone companies for wiretapping all of us, how has the greatest good of the greatest number of Americans been served?

How about the 2 Trillion dollars in tax cuts for the less than 1 per cent of Americans Bush calls his “Have Mores?”   How does that serve the greatest good for the greatest number?   Is the greatest number served by recent legislation mandating that the credit card companies send a record to the IRS of all our purchases?  I mean, do we really need more government surveillance?  Is that the meaning of getting government off the backs of the people, a talking point of past Republican administrations before the Neocons took over and donned the lamb’s clothing?  Wouldn’t the greatest number be served better if we all could get affordable healthcare for our children?  Instead of having the head Neocon, GW Bush, veto the recent bill that would have given children more and better access to healthcare services?

Does our continued presence and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan help the greatest number of Americans?  Has that ongoing travesty helped prices at the pump?  Has the draining of our Treasury to pay off-budget costs of these wars helped the greatest numbers of Americans by securing the solvency of Medicare and Social Security benefits?  Or has this cavalier, in broad daylight, destruction of the Treasury and the US dollar hastened the destruction of the funding for these two government programs that do, indeed, serve the greatest good for the greatest number of Americans?  Today is August 1, 2008, and NBC News reported that 3.7 million American jobs had been reduced to part time positions with loss of many benefits.  Also that 500,000 year-to-date jobs had been lost.  Looks like nobody cares about the greatest good for the greatest number of Americans anymore.

These are new waters.  I know many of us feel like we are up shit creek without a paddle.  What do we do next?  One thing is for certain.  If we seek to be truly accountable ourselves we must demand that our elected officials be accountable.  Those who vote to continue to fund illegal and immoral wars of continued occupation need to be voted out of office, short and sweet.  Those who dared to try to change our form of government and to tamper with the unalienable rights of the people, need to be Impeached and punished under the law.  And those congressmen who think it is an option to NOT follow the Constitution on impeachment directives (when, where, and how) need to be held accountable for dereliction of duty.  And kicked out.  If we don’t do this, we have no law.

We must dedicate ourselves to remember Polonius’ advice to his son, “This above all else, to thine own self be true.”  And knock it off with the notion of debating whether water boarding is torture or not.  It is.  And we know it.  We must confront and challenge.  We are the greatest number.  We rule.  We must never shrink back again from those who are in the small minority who try to tell us how to think and how to vote.  We need no advice.  We know a crook when we see one.  And we are going to take back America again, where the greatest number rules, and holds at bay those with money who would buy our freedom and exchange it for empty peanut hulls of a once great nation.  Unalienable rights, remember, are those which cannot be bought, sold, or traded.  They belong to all men, to every member of the giant majority of Americans who believe government exists for the people.  They belong to all of us.  Not the elite who would steal them from us and stoop to telling us that it is for our own good.

The Difference Between Jesus And The GOP by Mickey Walker

Dandelion Salad

by Mickey Walker
Jun 8, 2008

A Peek At The Neocon Agenda Behind The Mask

Oh, they will tell you they are about God’s work and are saved in the arms of Jesus, but the true business of the GOP does not reflect their vote-getting, Jesus talking points in the remotest way. But wait. Let’s be fair. It’s not really the GOP that’s to blame; it’s the Necons. You know, the new chip off the GOP block who tries to sanctify wars and violence, stealing from the Treasury, war-profiteering attacks of Iraq (who never harmed us), and shredding the Constitution so that not all Americans will enjoy the same rights that Bush’s cronies do? We know them; they are the Neocon scoundrels who have borrowed and spent us into the Dark Ages. Indeed, we know these villains; they been in power for years, and until Bush’s term expires, they will continue to scorch the country blacker than when Sherman burned Atlanta.

It’s not the Republican Party, the GOP. It’s those who slithered into power and took over the GOP so they could steal and, and at the same time, make it all sound holy and righteous. Today’s GOP Neocons in charge, starting with George W. Bush, are dedicated to eliminating the Middle Class and the Poor. Don’t believe it? Just take a look at Bush’s lopsided Tax Cuts for the Rich. Yep, 2 Trillion dollars worth of payback rewards to Bush’s self-proclaimed “Have-More” base for supporting him. And who pays? The taxpayer who gets little or no tax cuts while the Neocons laugh all the way to the bank. So what part of Jesus’ teachings did the Neocons twist to line their own pockets? And why did we buy into it?

So you ask them, “Who would Jesus attack?” The Religious Right squirms when you ask them about that or any of their “fantasy-world” teachings of Jesus, nonexistent on any page in the Bible. Respectability by association, not by deeds, is the Neocon mantra. They cannot tell you where the Bible says Jesus advises us to smite thy brother on the other cheek before he smites thee. Yet these Neocon Christians are big on starting wars against Muslims. And their need to legitimize their acts is demonic. And what does Jesus have to say about money and the love of it? Well, He said that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. Yet, these modern Neocons who attach themselves to the Bible like barnacles will tell you outright, “Jesus doesn’t want you to be poor.” Guess that’s why it’s okay for Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker, and Pat Robertson to drive Mercedes and keep yachts and slush funds for exotic vacations, all in the name of Jesus, right? Forget the scriptures where Jesus tells the rich man who wants to join Him as a disciple to first give all his money away to the poor. It didn’t happen. Neocons hate that part. It stomps on too many of their toes, and even tears their socks.

When asked about the correctness of paying taxes to Rome, Jesus asked to see a coin of the realm during the reign of Caesar. He then asked whose picture was on the coin, and when ‘Caesar’ was the reply, Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. And unto God what is God’s.” Would Jesus advocate the reckless throwing away of money to pay taxes by the Roman occupiers of Israel? He would. And would rich Neocons like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, or Sean Hannity favor rendering their $92,000.00 annual tax cuts to the U.S. Treasury to help pay off the $9.5 Trillion dollar debt we accumulated by financing the Iraq War OFF BUDGET? Probably not. Why not? What would Jesus say?

The Crusades said it all about how spoils and money taken in the name of Jesus were distributed. Various Popes of Rome rallied thousands of knights from many countries in Europe to go to Jerusalem and take back the Holy Land from the Infidels (Muslims and Jews who had lived there from before the time of Jesus). In the IV Crusade, 1204 AD, Crusaders intended to take the city of Constantinople back from the Muslims and to protect and defend the riches of the church therein (like, in gold and silver). Word had it that the Infidels held the city. When they arrived, however, the gallant knights found that Christianity was alive and well within the walls of the church. Catholic mass and vespers routinely were still conducted; the Infidels had no claim on the church or its riches. What a letdown the Crusaders experienced. All that gold and no Infidels to behead in its taking. They waited a few days. Then without provocation, they attacked the church and sacked it of all its treasures anyway. They saved Christianity from the Christians. Say what? Psst. As James Carville might say, ‘It’s the gold, stupid.’ Dude, don’t we need to get a clue on how nations and churches use Jesus to justify stealing? Or as justification to attack countries with oil? Oops, I meant to say gold. Check it out at:

Back in those days, the defenders of the Christian faith had the quest of running all the Infidels out of the Holy Land. Best to forget about the gold the Crusaders stole and the towns they pillaged while on their godly mission. And forget about from whom the gold was taken or who was pillaged. Sound familiar?

In retrospect, how were those divinely propagandized motives of the Crusades different from today’s Neocon talking points for bringing democracy to the Middle East? Pay attention for there will be a quiz at the end as to the Necons’ bottom line reason for attacking Iraq in 2008.

Fast-forwarding about 320 years, we have Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain, taking a break from directing the Spanish Inquisition to send Columbus to discover America. Later, their grandson, Charles V sent mercenaries like Hernando Cortez to bring Christianity to the American Indians. Charles V was not only King of Spain, but Pope of Rome at the same time. So bringing Christianity to the American Indians was a divine right of kings in spades, so to speak. Once ashore, Cortez met Montezuma, chief of the Aztecs who escorted Cortez and his army to the Aztec capital city Teotihuacan, where Mexico City stands today. In a short time, the Spanish Friars burned the Aztecs’ history books and the Aztecs like firewood to properly cleanse the savages of all their evil ways. And all this, in the name of Jesus was directed by Cortez, an ex-convict. He and his Conquistadores soldiers of fortune became rich. With the blessing of King/Pope Charles V, Cortez and his marauders took all the gold they could find and sent it back to Spain where each soldier got lucrative credits in the Spanish Treasury for their missionary work in the name of Jesus. Their gold quotas were high, but no matter, the more they stole, the more they got to keep. So gold was the prize, once again, once the Aztecs were routed, their cities torn down, and Christian churches erected on the same sites with the same stones. Blessed by the Church the stones became pure again. King Charles V enlisted the Friars just as surely as the GOP enlisted Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority and all his Christian voters to do the bidding of the Lord by twice electing Ronald Reagan to the presidency. Without shame, the new GOP (Neocons) and the Religious Right became one. Having Jesus on your side helps when you are destroying the Aztecs for gold or attacking Iraq for oil.

George W. Bush, a self-proclaimed born-again Christian, told Russian president Alex Putin that he speaks to God, and God speaks back. According to Putin, Dubya told him that God told him to attack Iraq. What a wonderful combination to get preemptive war with Iraq blessed by God in advance. And all that oil, to boot. Holy enmeshment! But listen, how are today’s Bushite policies similar to those of the Crusaders and the Conquistadors? Quiz time. What is the bonus received from Bush’s attacking Iraq and bringing them democracy? If you answered, we feel good, no points. To remove an evil dictator who gassed his own people? Nope. To kill terrorists? Nope. There weren’t any until we attacked Iraq and opened the door for them to blow across the border like Katrina blew across Lake Ponchatrain. So what is the correct answer? To control the Oil? Well, partly. But that’s a sub bonus if we ever get around to taking it. So what’s our payoff for venturing into nation-building and keeping boots on the ground in Iraq?

Simple: It’s good for bidness. George W. Bush, himself, said so recently. Halliburton, General Electric, Exxon, every company that makes goods or renders services to a war economy, wins. Blackwater, a mercenary army for hire owned by fundamentalist Christian, Erik Prince, got a Billion dollar no-bid contract for services rendered in Iraq. That was a few months ago, the check was cashed, and now it’s probably at Two Billion. All the security-oriented corporations who advise and manufacture anti-terrorist equipment such as flak jackets and night vision optics, all win. The big bucks are in bullets and planes, hardware, tanks, the big iron stuff. Software sales flourish, and Tomahawk Missiles, at a million bucks a copy ain’t nothing to sneeze at, either. The money flows and flows and flows. And when the government is at war, the multiplier increases by at least 10 times. For example, a $60.00 toilet at Lowes or the Home Depot can now be charged off to Uncle Sam for at least $600.00. Wait a minute, I got confused. It’s the toilet seat, not the toilet that sells for $600.00 when you got a no-bid gummint contract. My, my, the multiplier might be more like 30 times, who knows? But more importantly, who cares? Nobody, it seems, because the Neocons at war always carry their Bibles to the podiums of America and they sign off with ‘God Bless America’ so that we will rest assured that they are about God’s business. Even now, nobody demonstrates in the streets against Bush’s Iraq War. Or the decimated dollar or a shredded Bill of Rights we once had under the Constitution. Habeas Corpus, what’s that? Military tribunals? No way, you say. After the Bush/Cheney juggernaut finishes with us and takes it all and sells us down the river for good, what will we have left? Jobs? Anybody see the airline layoffs in the thousands this week? How ‘bout them gas prices at the pump? We used to get it. But now, maybe we are in shock and just don’t get it. Perhaps ‘God Bless Us Poor Americans’ might be a more urgent and to the point plea for help.

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Blackwater’s Private Spies By Jeremy Scahill

A Youth Volunteers For Combat: The Price Of Innocence by Mickey Walker

Dandelion Salad

by Mickey Walker
May 25, 2008

Shopping the Humble, Texas Kroger’s late on Sunday night is a pleasure because there are no lines and no rolling shopping carts with bodies attached to avoid. But, even after 10 p.m., there always seems to be something of interest in these remote suburban places.

Down the pet food and birdseed aisle a lanky figure called out to me, “Hey Mister Walker, is that you?” As he slinked closer, I began to recognize him, but not his name. His thin, football face, seemed hauntingly familiar. Perhaps 6’2”, this gangly, dark-haired youth sported a small silver spike tacked like a nail, just under his lower lip. Two silver rings perched high on his left ear, and a dangly piece of nondescript silver chain hung from his right ear lobe.

Loose-fitting gray tank top and pair of black cutoff jeans trimmed out his jumping jack form, and narrow white sneakers with dirty laces protruded from the bottoms of toothpick legs. I knew this boy. He was the tag-along kid brother of Michael Peña (pronounced Pen-ya), a high school friend of my son Scott. These boys when barely teenagers came down to my old house in the woods at the dead end of a gravel road in old Humble. They came to play in the woods, to finger video game controllers, and to just hang out at my old single-dad bachelor shack. It was their place away from home. Their own parent’s eye could not watch them there, but the parents came to visit me just to see what the attraction was. Immediately, they knew the boys would be all right.

See, I had rules, too. If you broke something you fixed it. Cash would not get the crime dismissed. You had to fix it. There was an unspoken code. No hitting allowed. You had to behave like young gentlemen and show respect for each other, property, and for me. The payoff was that you could be wild and free if you chose to live in the world in good faith. Nobody broke the rules, I surmised, because the boys did not want to get sent home from such a fun-filled gathering place in the woods. Scott and his friends were all born around the mid-1970s, but this youngster who hailed me in the pet food aisle was much younger.

Dustin. That was his name, I remembered, as he told me of his life of just 26 years. I had known him before when he must have been scarcely 12. At community college, he said, he had earned an associate degree in science. It took him three years, he said, to get 60 accredited hours. Associate degree, he called it. He needed at least sixty more for a diploma. But he had it all planned, marvelously. He was going to LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after his hitch Army, and would become a petroleum engineer.

“Army? What army?” I asked.

“I joined the Army.” he told me.

“The Regular Army?” I asked.

“No sir. The Army Reserves.” he said, looking at his shoes.

Dustin had lived with his schoolteacher mother, but in the last decade or more, he had worked hard at many jobs and managed to get his own place. A forklift operator, Dustin had a tight budget. Proudly, he said he had managed to pay his own way after moving out on his own. He beamed when bragging about how he had skimped to pay for his own books and tuition at Harris County Community College in North Houston. I liked Dustin. His drive moved me. My faith in youth came back for a moment. It was good.“

I couldn’t pass it up.” Dustin sighed. “They gave me a 20 thousand dollar bonus flat out for signing up.”

“Twenty thousand just for signing up in the Army Reserves?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said, excited, “And another twenty thousand to pay for my college at LSU.”

I congratulated him. Even though these young innocents had grown into young men, they still liked to hear “Atta boys,” it was certain. With gusto, I heaped them on.

“I got Reserve drills once a month for six years,” Dustin continued, “but heck, I get $850.00 for each drill.”

“Wow!” I blurted. “I was a lieutenant commander in the Naval Reserve and got only $50.00 a drill for one weekend a month. But that was a long time ago.”

Indeed, the 1970s was a long time ago. There was a military draft back then. But you could avoid it if you had connections. Thanks to Sid Ager, Ben Barnes, and General Rose, commanding general of the Texas Air Guard when the war raged in Viet Nam, George W. Bush never saw combat. Bush got a direct commission from General Rose and was assigned to the Texas Air Guard in Houston where there was a zero chance of seeing active duty or combat. But as for the rest of us, you had to go. You had no choice. I had a college diploma just like Bush, and got drafted, but I had to attend months of Officer Candidate School in Newport, R.I. to earn a commission as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy. Direct commission, my ass.

Then Dustin told me the bad news.

“I will have to go to Iraq,” he said, pausing to study my eye. “Maybe two times in all, Mr. Walker.” His tone had grown a little solemn and muted. I could feel the momentary shadow pass over us both.

“Two times in combat? Twice?” I asked. “But you’re in the Reserves.”

“Yeah, but that’s the deal I signed up for, Mr. Walker.” Dustin replied. “One, maybe two full combat tours of duty in Iraq on active duty.” He was going, alright.

In Colin Powell’s autobiographical book, My American Journey Powell protested strongly the drafting (conscription) of less fortunate ethnic groups like blacks and Hispanics, conscripted to fight in wars while rich kids could slide and get out of combat by joining a Reserve unit. Then the Reserves did not go to war; today they do. But while there is no longer a draft, economic hard times do weigh heavily on poor kids with a dead end job, no health insurance, nor the income to keep up with the spiking prices of gas at the pump. Colin Powell words were those of a true champion of the common man. But that was before he joined Bush and disowned his own high principles of which he wrote in his own autobiography.

All a young Hispanic male like Dustin with no one to help him pursue his dreams or to give him a leg up on life’s mountains, is himself. He’s it. He has no health insurance, no savings, nor the ability or resources to go to college full time. He works in addition to going to school. So here comes the Army waving 20 thousand dollars as a signing bonus, another 20 thousand to pay his college, and then $850.00/month X 12 months/year X 6 years obligation (if he makes it through) = $61,000.00. Such a deal.

Dustin had to join the Army. There were no good alternatives. And our president, devoted to protecting us from terrorists, is really saving us a bundle by paying Dustin to join the Army Reserves. You see, the total cost of a RESERVE soldier like Dustin is chicken feed compared to what a Blackwater private mercenary soldier would cost the taxpayers. You’re talking $600,000. So Bush is saving us money, don’t you see?

I wished Dustin good luck, and as I wheeled my groceries through the parking lot, I fought back a tear. Perhaps it was the wind, I thought. I had known this boy and had seen him grow up. All things considered, the deal he had struck with our government was the absolute best opportunity he had.

On that same day, May 18th, NBC Evening News had interviewed two Army Reservists who had been stop-gapped in the Iraq War. Stop-gapped is where right before your Army contract is up, the Army recaptures you to serve on active duty indefinitely to combat duty in Iraq, again and again. It’s arbitrary. Our leaders say it’s for the good of America, maintaining continuity in the same conflict, or other such horse shit. It’s like being trapped in a recurring nightmare, only it’s real. So are the bullets and roadside bombs. The soldiers interviewed on NBC spoke with disbelief and glazed eyes as they clutched their young sons, daughters, and wives, one last time.

Their time had run out. Again. Surprise, surprise. How cruel can we be?

We just don’t get it, do we? So how much is a 26-year old American Reservist soldier worth? Looks like Dustin can make upwards of $100 thousand dollars for bringing freedom and democracy to Iraq. Free room, meals, and burial (if necessary), of course. Quite a business.

Bush’s War, I thought. Today, May 22, 2008 Congress gave Bush another 165 BILLION DOLLARS OFF BUDGET for his Iraq War, based upon Saddam Hussein having Weapons of Mass Destruction trained on the United States of America. That was 5 years ago. Still, no WMD. Now we know where the big money is going, to lure young innocents like Dustin to fight for their country. And because our national debt approaches 10 TRILLION DOLLARS, the Chinese will loan us the money. Is that a lose-lose proposition or what?

Dustin, I salute you. At 26, you have managed to display more courage than our Commander-In-Chief ever did. He never had the guts to volunteer for combat as you did. He checked the ‘Do Not Volunteer’ for overseas duty box on his application when the Viet Nam War raged. But hold the phone. Let’s be fair. To do his part in the Iraq War, Bush did volunteer to give up golf.

Well……………… almost.

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The Road To World War III: Bush’s Legacy, Part III

Dandelion Salad

by Mickey Walker
May 11, 2008


Perhaps there is no turning back at this point. New developing giants of world commerce such as China will demand an ungodly amount of new oil in the next few years to satiate their rabid need for a quick fix that only oil will satisfy. For the first time in history, more Audi automobiles are being sold and shipped to China than any other country in the world. Today, Audi, next month, Cadillac, perhaps? They have the money to buy them. We can only hope to make monthly payments here at home in an insolvent nation.

Russia, as it awakens from its long hibernation with the vastest resources on the planet, will surely begin to need more oil fast to quench its new found place in the world of commerce as (you guessed it) one of the most powerful capitalistic countries in the world. So much for the Evil Empire of Reaganomics where the United States bought $500.00 hammers from Halliburton while laying off thousands. Flipping hamburgers became a manufacturing job, according to the Gipper, remember? Russia and capitalism in the same paragraph seem paradoxical, but these days, lots of new wrinkles are showing in the world of trade and commerce, and mournfully, the United States is watching from the bleachers as our dollar disintegrates. Under the Russian soil is more oil than the Arabs. Russia has paid its national debt and is running surpluses into the black, thank you very much for bringing them to their knees, Ronald Reagan. The Chinese have more bodies to work at more factories to produce more goods for more humans on the planet than even Wal-Mart can handle.

Each country has hard assets. And they mean to evolve as world powers, and that means more oil. And if we Americans think that $3.65 per gallon is high today, just crystal ball it to May, 2009. Dare we even guess how high gasoline will go as we get raped at the pump by our impotent government which caters to Exxon, genuflects to Halliburton, and courts illegal mercenary armies like Blackwater? We elected Democrats in 2006 to help us, but they chickened. Will we ever get mad about this free for all pillage of the National Treasury for world occupation of foreign oil reserves? You can bet China will get mad if it runs short of oil (which is inevitable) in propelling its giant economy. If China cannot get enough oil, I would guess that they would go to war, much in the same way the United States did with Afghanistan and Iraq, and attack a nation with rich oil deposits. We showed them how. If Taiwan had rich oil pools, you can bet China would have attacked it years ago.

It’s hard to believe how close Bush has brought us to the brink of World War III. Like drunken gunslingers, we are threatening nations with nuclear weapons and delivery systems. With Elmer Gantry indignation Bush calls them the “Axis of Evil.” Now the oil shortages and the rampant, uncontrollable appetite for oil from light-speed developing super powers like China make for a scary world, indeed. Would China sit still for a pittance of oil in lieu of their rapid growth of oil-sapping factories and billions of Chinese now able to buy cars? Would China or even France sit still to let their military forces be shut down due to lack of oil? No way. There will be war before that happens.

So here we are with our thumb up our collective rectum, dicking around in Iraq, the second largest pool of oil in the world. China wants it, dude. China gonna take it if necessary, get it? Like vultures, Russia (who has no love lost for American imperialists) salivates and loves what is about to happen. The Ruskies know that we Yanks invade countries (the oil rich ones) for our own use while not giving a damn about whether China or France goes down the tubes for lack of oil. Heck for Russia, taking and occupying countries is old hat to them: they wrote the book. They know which walnut shell the pea is under. I’m afraid that’s the way they and the world see things, like it or not. Unlike us, they are not privy to BS spins in the US news media, starting with Fox News, fair and balanced with Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.

Oil. Secret meetings convene over it, minutes are sealed by Executive Privilege, and the world knows our intent even if we the people believe the spin that we are seeking to liberate the Iraqis to establish democracy in a nation that formerly was ruled and abused by a dictator. The world knows and probably cares more than the American people do that the Dick Cheney-Ken Lay Energy Department meeting minutes were sealed in darkest secrecy years ago. Bush wants them kept a deep, dark, secret. Why? The GAO and I would like to know. What is so secret in this open society we call America that the people cannot know? Haven’t we paid at the pump with blood to at least know what’s in those minutes that the Bush Administration does not want us to see? If we are going to send our brave men and women to die for their country in Iraq, shouldn’t we know how much a part of our being there is because of the oil and not to free Iraq from Saddam Hussein? If we were really in the dictator toppling business, wouldn’t we have started out with Kim Sun IL of North Korea? Or maybe we would have had a go at China for all its human rights violations. Could it be that oil sets the main priority for our lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq so that we could bring freedom to the Iraqis? Oil, just oil. And look at us. Are we nuts? Don’t we all really know why we are there in Iraq? And is it worth it to stay? Are we too cushy at our tubes and armchairs to care about what is going on in America? Is there any pulpit in America that can wash the blood from our complacent hands for looking the other way and flipping the channel?

In the 1950s we worried about nuclear war. Our fathers built fallout shelters, stocked them with food, and if lucky, a cheap Geiger Counter to help us over the radioactive decay from the nuclear fallout of a nuclear holocaust. Fission fragments rapidly decay to safer levels to where in days, a family and the dog could come out and try to make a life for our species once again. We cared back then. We had a healthy fear of things that meant the end for all of mankind. Many of my peers and I were scared to death during the Cuban Missile Crisis. We knew that the world could be destroyed if Russia did not back down from President Kennedy’s ultimatum that they get the hell out of Cuba and take their missiles and the horse they rode in on with them back to Russia.

These days, most of the newer generations find it a bit quaint that we built the fallout shelters and were afraid of the world ending as we knew it. We shuddered at the movie, “On the Beach” which described the melancholy of the survivors of World War III who were waiting their time for the radiation to reach them down under. Today, no one gives nuclear war a second thought. There could be many reasons for this brand of new apathy, but regardless, it seems real enough.

Could it be that we have spent our futures away by letting Congress and rogue presidents borrow and spend us into oblivion? Instead of being enraged because we lost our jobs or our houses or that gasoline prices should top $4.00 a gallon by June, are we novacained, or valliumed up, or hypnotized by spin doctors on TV and radio? Have we become zombies? Are we too numbed up to care that private military groups like Blackwater are not only on the U.S. payroll, but are at the ready to do the bidding of whoever says to do whatever to whomever, be they innocent American citizens or the enemy? Is what is going on too complex for us to grasp? Do we not care about the prospects of a real nuclear war because our sense of helplessness is at an all time high, and we just don’t care anymore? Maybe.

The first month I spent in Da Nang, Viet Nam, in the boats, in the river and bay, scared me to no end. I constantly looked over the shoreline, up the ridge of Monkey Mountain to the trees where snipers could have picked us off at any time. I cared and watched everything, and then something happened. I became too tired to care anymore about the possibility of my own destruction. I did my job much as a farmer in Rosebud, Texas or a refinery worker in Port Arthur might have. You just get tired of the bull—- of worrying about it. So you go on and cope as if there was no threat or danger. Is that what happened to us after the Bush thugs lied us into war and sends Reserves to do combat tours 3, 4, and 5 times with no remorse? Is that why we lie back and let Bush destroy habeas corpus while shredding the Constitution with his illegal signing statements that nullifies the very existence of Congress? Have we become too lethargic, too weary with it all to care that we are being wiretapped illegally in violation of the Constitution?

Since when would true Americans not censor and impeach a president offing a secret CIA agent in service of the welfare and national security of America (Valerie Plame, dude), for his own political purposes of illegally invading Iraq based upon lies just because Plame’s husband, Joe Wilson, exposed Bush as a liar and a charlatan? Were we not insulted when Bush pardoned Scooter Libby, the only White House conviction in the Valerie Plame affair that disgraced the very nation we used to call America?

Let’s cut to the chase, short and sweet. If America is to survive, we need to wake up, kick ourselves in the ass, and get out onto the streets and protest what we have let America become. F— the Patriot Act and those who would jail us for exercising freedom of speech, granted us under our beloved Constitution. We care. We want to live and prosper again as a good nation, one who will avert nuclear war any way we can. We must bow up and do it. Let’s get some fire in our ass and grit in our craw. Or we ain’t who we always thought we were.

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The Road To World War III: Bush’s Legacy by Mickey Walker

The Road To World War III, Part II by Mickey Walker

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The Road To World War III, Part II by Mickey Walker

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Dandelion Salad

Here’s Part III: The Road To World War III: Bush’s Legacy, Part III

by Mickey Walker
Apr 27, 2008

Part II

In Part I of this series we considered the question: “How do you eliminate a debt?” To wit, how can the United States make our monstrous 9.5 Trillion dollar vanish like a rabbit in the hat trick before it drags us under? To review, only two legitimate ways to eliminate the massive National Debt seemed possible: to pay it off or to Welch (disavow it). But perhaps there is a third option. Neocon hawks and Fundamentalists with a Book of Revelation screw loose have discussed another possibility for years, and I present it to you now, tongue firmly in cheek. I do not suggest nor approve of the following course, but submit this third possibility to eliminate our debt as a surreal, fictionalized account of an alternative. So. Here goes. Instead of eliminating the debt, what if the United States eliminated the debtors, instead?

Let’s talk war and conquest (Cheney and Halliburton would salivate). What if we toppled Iran and the Saudis at the same time and took control of their oil? To appease the world, we could trump up a reason that the American people would swallow easy as yogurt (we bought into Bush’s lies about Iraq and WMDs and refuse to impeach him while wimpily we continue to fund his insane Iraq occupation). We could then decree that our debt is null and void (as part of the spoils of war) and take the oil as a bonus. Like, renege, dude. Sound good? That would work well for the Saudi debt, and as for our Japanese IOUs of hundreds of billion dollars, well; we could pay them off with Saudi captured oil revenues. Or not. After all, “might is right.” Right?

Consider the possibilities. Perhaps all the saber-rattling coming from the White House toward Iran is prologue to making world domination of oil, a reality, anyway. Why else would the U.S. be posturing toward war with Iran if we did not intend to take them by force? With Iran, we would control Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. And most all the world’s deep pools of easy-to-reach oil. As in the old TV series, “Outer Limits,” we would control the price. We would control the oil. We would control the world. Please don’t attempt to touch your dial. Sound too neat?

Well of course there would be other considerations. First, we would need to address our illegitimate warlike behavior of attacking other sovereign countries and taking their oil, but then legitimacy or truth has never slowed us down before. Saddam had no WMDs. He and bin Laden were not golfing buddies. So what has that got to do with our continued occupation of Iraq after 5 years? Ain’t no thang. It would be essential to provide an occupying army to keep peace in the torn and volatile aftermath for years. No problem. Stay tuned.

So what if Iran is the third domino to fall? Will we then have rid the world of Islamo-Fascists in the process as well? Pretty heady stuff. Our capturing the world’s oil so that we could exercise our divine right to rule the peoples of the world, bring to them democracy, and free elections, can’t be all that bad.

Selling the propaganda would be a piece of cake. We know that Islamo-Fascists (did Cheney coin that expression?) hate us and that they receive big bucks from the oil-rich Middle Eastern nations, some of which openly, are dedicated to our destruction. We could say that the oil-rich sovereigns had their chance to keep the terrorists in tow, but blew it. They preached Wahabi hate for Westerners, especially us Yanks, and the terrorists kept on attacking us and England and Spain (our allies) until we found it necessary to take extreme and final action to insure our own survival. It became necessary to seize their oil, the engine of our own destruction. It’s not unlike the same bonus the Conquistadores realized when they invaded America and brought religion to the Aztecs and Incas: GOLD.

And the overall good of mankind would be served if those who set upon our destruction were defanged forever, kicked to the curb, and banished back to the desert sands from which they came with their camels. They made us do it, see? Gave us no choice. They could have shared the oil and acted civilized, but they allowed too much of it to ooze to the dirty hands of the terrorists. So we had to nip that in the bud once and for all. Get the picture? Once seized, no more oil monies could be funneled to terrorists for C4 explosives to make roadside bombs. No more rocket-propelled grenades aimed at Yanks or Blackwater mercenaries. Halliburton could serve their imaginary meals to the soldiers in peace. The world just might buy into it all. But if not, no biggy. World opinion never stopped us before. Terrorists and those oil kingdoms that financed them made the fatal mistake of being hell-bent upon our destruction. Too bad. They f—– up. They should have paid attention and listened to us. But now they will become a footnote in history because they had their chance and blew it. Good riddance and God Bless America.

But before the final attack, invasion, and occupation to secure all the significant Middle Eastern oil, the United States must insure that it has made the proper alliances and that they are in place. First, the only army capable of occupying Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia (including all the oil-rich adjacent countries such as Dubai, Kuwait, and Abu Dhabi) is (drum roll, please), China. It’s essential that we cut China into the deal. Without them it won’t work. Their part would be to occupy the vast sands and cities of the Middle East with millions of Chinese troops, forever. And for that invaluable service China would receive, say 40% of the oil. That would make them smile because they will need easy sources of deep pools of oil in the near future as their robust economy expands. Besides all that, we don’t even want to consider war with China over oil because there would be no winners in such a conflict, only losers. So cutting China in for a lion’s share is essential.

The Russians, what about the Russians? Something could be worked out with them on the order of a cut, say 10% of the Middle Eastern captured oilfields. And as a sweetener, the United States could, free of charge, help the Russians with all the necessary technology to help them develop their own vast oil deposits. That’s like billions of dollars of coupons. That should keep them happy and compliant with being a partner in stealing the world’s oil from the Arabs and Persians.

So what about the rest of the world? What about England, France, Germany, Japan, the others? It seems reasonable that they could be a part of the alliance of oil robber barons for a collective cut of say, 15%. That should keep them still enough for a while. All members would be duty sworn to put down any world uprisings that might flare up against the new world oil alliance as well. That would leave the U.S. with a share of 35% of the newly-acquired Middle Eastern oil. But that would be okay because the deal would also factor in that the United States debt of 9.5 Trillion dollars be nullified and forgiven by countries such as Japan and China (who hold most of our 9.5 Trillion dollar IOUs).

The above percentages could be tweaked up or down, for better parity, if necessary, but the United States has a little oil of its own, and the 35% free infusion from the captured Middle Eastern oilfields should be ample amounts for U.S. consumption for the rest of the century. To the world and our new partners, we would say to them that we had not acted hoggish and taken all the oil or even the lion’s share, in the interest of world peace and cooperation amongst the developing nations of the world, our new partners.

The new alliance would control the world in many ways. First the boots on the ground (thanks to the Chinese) would be unmatched and invulnerable. The existing armies and weaponry of the alliance nations would be enough to dominate and squelch uprisings of dissenter nations post haste, all over the world. Finally, power would be in responsible hands. And terrorists would wither away to the sands as fleeting memories of a more hostile world of long ago. No oil, no terror.

The above scenario is pure fiction. But perhaps the chips could fall in that way. If alliances of those key nuclear-capable countries mentioned are not achieved, then the probability of World War III would be great. And the next war, WW IV, as Albert Einstein observed, would be fought with sticks and stones. All the countries need oil and more than ever before. But I got news for a lot of American hawks, and that’s simply this: too many of the other countries got nukes, too. China, Russia, France, England, Korea, Pakistan, India, Israel, even South Africa have nuclear weapons, and many of them have sophisticated delivery systems. China possesses ICBM submarines that could destroy the world. So do we and so do the Russians. France never agreed to stop testing nukes. Heck, in the 1950s France was detonating thermonuclear weapons yielding megatons of high explosive equivalents in the Bikini Atolls, Western Pacific. Would anybody believe that France could destroy the world three times over? Believe it. Check out world nukes by country:

Is it not becoming clear that nobody would win a conflict unless all the nuclear-armed countries are on the same side? And what good is the oil if the world is turned into a smoldering cinder? So there is no option but to gather and fuse all the nuclear-capable nations into an alliance with each other. It intrigues me that Iran, the last bastion of deep pooled oil deposits, is being touted as a danger that needs dealing with, now. Sounds reminiscent of when George W. Bush led us into war with Iraq. Déjà vu, all over again, eh? Here comes the fear. As Reagan might say, “There he goes again.” Maybe these secret alliances between world nuclear powers are being drawn up in the smoke-filled rooms of high government across the globe as we speak. And why not?

Is this not where Bushism is taking us? Could this be the very reason Bush’s Neocon successor, McCain, predicts we will occupy Iraq for 100 years? But going it alone this time might prove fatal. After all, the alternative of not forming such alliances would be WW III and total destruction of the planet, in one form or another, would it not? But either way, the United States would win (well, almost). See, either way, our 9.5 Trillion dollar debt would be liquidated. Technically that would be correct. But if we get greedy again and unleash World War III upon the world, our national debt would be liquidated, but so would the planet. That’s doing it the hard way, it seems. And a bit drastic.

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The Road To World War III: Bush’s Legacy by Mickey Walker

The Road To World War III: Bush’s Legacy, Part III

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The Road To World War III: Bush’s Legacy by Mickey Walker

Dandelion Salad

by Mickey Walker
Apr 13, 2008

Part I

Before Bush (BB) democracy and freedom were alive and well in America. We Yanks regarded ourselves as champions of the underdog nations of the world and defenders of all that is good. Arrogantly, many Americans today still believe in our greatness, for all our pillage and killing and borrowing our future away with a 9 Trillion dollar Iraq War debt that only does Halliburton and Blackwater any good. Today, I have to wonder, “What do we think of ourselves as a people?” I think we should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing the last 7 years to happen.

To ratchet up the playing field on which the Chief Executive can better play Dictator, President Bush has taken countless measures to satiate his rabid hunger to pillage the Treasury and national resources that belong not to him, but to the American people. Illegal wiretapping with no regard for the law allowed Bush to get the goods on his opponents so that his illegal activities could go smoother, without challenge. Stuffing federal attorney rosters with Bush lapdogs such as the graduate goons from Pat Robertson Law School is one thing, but having Gonzales, former AG, stack the US Attorney rosters by firing those opposed to Bush policy is nothing short of police state tactics. Then there’s the Bush signing statements. I got to wonder, does any American really think long enough to care that Bush has rendered and blown up our very form of government by negating laws duly passed by Congress with statements like “I’m signing McCain’s No-Torture Bill, but if I think it necessary to torture in the interest of national security, I will.”? When we begin to watch the bludgeoning of our Constitution by the worst president in American history, do any of us pause to care? Do we really believe that these Bush-mangled separation of powers in our three branches of government will reset to where it was BB? Will the next president who sits in the White House rescind Bush’s success at setting up a Unitary Executive (Dictatorship) form of government? What will happen to us? What will happen to America, now that Bush has incinerated our rights of habeas corpus, to know why we are being imprisoned in jails faraway for indefinite periods of time?

I fear for us. Bush and his lapdog Republicanized Congress have borrowed and spent big bucks on the Iraq War (where corporations now have the license to steal) and we give Trillion-dollar IOU markers to the Chinese so they will lend us more money. What is the national debt, anyway? It is the money America keeps borrowing from the Chinese, the Arabs and other sovereign countries as they buy up our government, our land, and our corporations and smile like hungry wolves as they feed, bite by bite on our America already on life support. Those who would argue and wrap themselves in the flag and grunt, “America, Love it or Leave It.” might best take a good look at our dollar. It has tanked against most all major currencies steadily as the Bush War has drained our resources and our Treasury. When Bush took office, the National Debt was just over 5 Trillion dollars. Today, it sits at 9.45 Trillion, surprise, surprise. See what a little creative preemptive attack on Iraq who never harmed the United States can do? Heck, the GOP doesn’t talk much about the big-spending Democrats anymore. Think their wartime borrow-and-make-their-crony-corporations-rich policies might have something to do with their silence about Democrats and spending? I don’t hear Halliburton complaining. For a look at where the borrowed money is going and how fast it spews out of our Treasury, press Control and left click the following website: . It will astound you. We have been snookered, and the rest of the world knows it. Other nations watch like knowing vultures on a perch nearby as the US dollar plummets toward Monopoly Money status, and other sovereigns like the Saudis, the Japanese, and the Chinese quietly convert their dollars to Euros. It’s scary. We see the symptoms like the mortgage meltdown and Bear-Stearns going down the toilet as we the taxpayers guarantee losses above 30 billion! We witness the wildest band aid of all in the drastic Fed cuts of interest rates of hundreds of basis points in just a few short months. Good and well, but what do we do as the world economies heat up and inflation knocks on our door and all we got is wallowed-out dollars to try to buy food and gasoline and to pay the house note? Credit cards? Forget ‘em. Credit and debt is what got us into this mess in the first place, all led by the Decider. He and all his crony Have More buddies in mortgage lending knew what they were doing. They knew that homeowners could not pay down their loans, ever. But they sucked us in without fear.

I know, I know, so much negativism, like, who needs it? Who wants to hear it? Am I guilty of just playing the game of “Ain’t It Awful” instead of proposing real solutions to correct real problems? But take a quick assessment of where we are, thanks to Bush and his lapdog Neocon Congress, and tell me what we can do to correct it? What (with the help of God Almighty) can the incoming president do with the Bush mess? What can he or she possibly do about the National Debt of 9.4 Trillion dollars that (thanks to Dubya) has almost doubled during his 7 years as preemptive, borrow-and-spend-us-down-the-toilet madness? Just consider the numbers, the arithmetic for a minute. Just for a moment, forget all the other issues (abortion, gay marriage, the immoral war, deaths and dismemberments due to lies about weapons of mass destruction), and let us be rational about the pure numbers. How can we address the 9.4 Trillion dollar debt Bush created in his war on terror? Congress, on both sides, is responsible, too, but Bush lied to get us into war, anyway, and McCain puppets Bush on staying the course in Iraq. Fine. So how are we going to pay for it? Where will the United States get the resources to continue to keep spending the many billions a week to keep the US occupation going in Iraq where civil war, not terrorists, overshadows and redefines the gravity of the great mistake America made by attacking Iraq. Dude.

So how do you liquidate a debt? How can the next president and Congress undo the financial disaster brought upon us all by the Bushites and his corrupt Neocon Congress for so many years? The Chinese, the Japanese, Great Britain, and the Saudis hold most of our IOUs for the 9.4 Trillion. So how we going to pay them back? And if we don’t get free and clear of them and the money we owe them, how we going to keep them from cutting out pieces of a fully-awake Uncle Sam by buying into our corporations, real estate, and government? We owe them an enormous amount of interest on the National Debt (real money payable upfront) too. How much? Oh, I don’t know, do the math. It’s got to be around 4% of 9.4 Trillion. $376,000,000,000.00 per year should handle the interest. But we get nothin’, not a damned thing for that huge sum of money, bleeding out of the US Treasury. Where are the true Conservatives of yesteryear? Whatever happened to Senator Dirksen? We get nothing for the interest paid out on our giant debt to fund building roads, Medicare, Social Security, Education, money to finance our mad military buildup, NOTHING! The Japanese, the Chinese, the Brits, and the Saudis get that money to help their own agendas, be it capitalism, enhancing more oil revenue, or war. We don’t get it, get it? The cost of having to scrape almost $400,000,000,000.00 a year off our collective national plates and flush the cash down the toilet is reprehensible. With us, it’s a yearly masochistic ritual. We should not have allowed it to happen to us in the name of privatization, this illegal war in Iraq, so that Halliburton and Blackwater, not to mention other crony war corporations could laugh, take the money, and run.

How do you liquidate a debt? Only two ways seem possible: 1. You pay it. 2. You disavow it. So out of the two possible choices, what has Bush left his successor as president number 44 of the United States of America, to do about the debt that keeps on going and going, like the Energizer Bunny? Choice number one is impossible. With production jobs going overseas and Americans losing their homes, it’s not likely that a new surge of manufacturing jobs here at home at say, $25.00 per hour. In fact the opposite is likely to occur as US corporations continue to outsource overseas labor and to build new factories on foreign shores. You see, cheap labor became an instant Holy Grail to all corporations who understand modern capitalism in the world market. Disavowing our 9 Trillion dollar debt might ruffle a few feathers in all world economies. It would destroy some countries, perhaps. Maybe that’s why sovereign nations flush with cash subtly continue to exchange American dollars for other world currencies, e.g., Euro Dollars. Think the global smart money knows something we don’t know? Think the Saudis and the Chinese give more thought to symptoms like our sub-prime mortgage meltdown and the fall of Bear Stearns, than we do? Disavowing our debt would be a world catastrophe. So the next president, as the American financial house of cards teeters, creaks, and leans, might have to continue to do a Reagan soft shoe, sailor straw in hand, singing “Deficits Don’t Matter” to the tune of “Me and My Shadow.”

Others have speculated that the United States might have to be even more aggressive in stealing the resources of the world, presently in the hands of other nations, such as the oil-rich Saudis (we already got a head start on Iraq) and the third domino to topple in the name of oil, Iran. This way, the United States can reset the debt meter, own and control the world’s oil, and former owners like the Saudis, well, they would be sh– out of luck. Such skullduggery might liquidate our debt. But it might also bring the likelihood of World War III and the liquidation of our planet as well. Stay tuned for Part II in a week or two.

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The Three Trillion Dollar Shopping Spree (video)