Disinformation and the Capitalist Economic System: What Is To Be Done by Walter Crompton and Finian Cunningham

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by Walter Crompton and Finian Cunningham
www.globalresearch.ca, March 23, 2010
– 2010-03-22

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An especially frustrating and destructive facet of being humanitarian in these times is the feeling of hopelessness in damming the swelling stream of lies and ominous news.  The proliferation of alternative news media, such as Global Research, is testimony that people around the world can see beyond the veil of disinformation and misinformation, through to the hideous truth of domination by organized anti-social forces. But what good are sharp vision and a good heart if our hands and feet are not brought into the picture?

Most readers here realize that the capitalist economic system long ago ran out of progressive steam, and has now entered a terminally pathological imperialist phase, destroying the planet and its people at an ever-increasing rate.  With overwhelming control of wealth, major media and arms, today’s cabal capitalism appears to be securely dominant.  Daily revelations of arrogant crime by illegitimate rulers have desensitized and demoralized us, and virtually the entire Left has become overwhelmed with critique, and underwhelmed with solution.  What shall we do?

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