Disturbing Video: Riot police violently disperse Occupy DC with batons

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on Feb 4, 2012


Image by G20 Protest Photos via Flickr

National Park Service police began slowly dismantling the Occupy DC encampment at McPherson Square on K Street early Saturday morning. Over the course of several hours, cops asked protesters to leave while authorities in hazmat suits combed the park and removed tents. Despite protesters insisting that the temporary structures were in compliance with the latest regulations imposed on the demonstrators, the cops continued to clear out the park throughout the course of the day. Continue reading

Occupied Washington, D.C.


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Occupied Washington DC


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Burma’s Junta Protested in DC at Embassy Row Rally (video)

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On Saturday, Oct. 6, 2007, a protest … On Saturday, Oct. 6, 2007, a protest action, rally and march directed at the Junta now terrorizing the country of Burma, a/k/a Myanmar, was held on Embassy Row, in Washington, D.C. There is abundant evidence on the public record that the brutal military regime in that beleaguered country is arresting, killing and torturing, on a wholesale basis, scores of human rights activists, while viciously suppressing any public dissent to their criminal policies. At noon, the demonstration began in front of the Embassy of Burma. Then, the protesters proceeded to march to the Embassies of China and India. Today is “International Free Burma Day.” Speaking at the rally in front of the Burma Embassy was Mr. Bo Hla-Tint. He is associated with the “National Coalition of the Union of Burma,” a government-in-exile. When the protesters got to Embassy of China, they chanted: “Boycott the Olympics!” The 2008 Olympics are planned for China. It was accused today, by some of the speakers, of collaborating with the Junta now running Burma. One of the themes for the rally was: “Support the Monks!”
For background information, please see: http://www.uscampaignforburma.org/ and
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacif… and

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