Perpetual Growth Is Impossible – The Coming End of Usury as the Dominant Social Paradigm

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Sent to me by Richard C. Cook

By Tom White

It is our western rulers who are about to initiate a world war just to whitewash the collapse of the western capitalistic dream

—Gilad Atzmon, in “A Sign of ‘The Times’”

I am teetering on the edge of quitting my compulsive reading of Internet copy on the “financial crisis” and the other malfeasances, not to say crimes, of G.W. Bush & Co. and his international banksters and their associated fraudsters who have successfully highjacked and now plundered our nation.

It remains to be seen if they complete the sweep by starting WWIII, as Atzmon suggests.

My incessant reading is, I fear, an “act of understanding,” which Meister Eckhart said 600 years ago is of greatly less moral worth than “an act of will.” I suppose an act of will is to do something about the present awfulness of things, but what? To dig (or protest in the streets) I am too old, to beg I am too weak and lazy.

So I am stuck with scribbling as a sole outlet for my inward conviction of the real evil of the bastards ruling things here and most other places. And even time for that is running out. I am 85 and go into hospital for a minor op later this week. I think to set down a few thoughts ahead of that.

I believe the entire world, following, in envy, the leadership of the richest nations (the usual suspects, with the U.S. on top of the list), has taken aboard what I call the Usury Paradigm as a model for mass human action. It has prevailed increasingly for the last 500 years. The so-called “Christian” nations of the West have led the way, exploiting the world via usurious finance capitalism (colonialism). It is universally in force on the globe today. (Think China and India. Think exponential growth in population. The earth is already defending herself against this. See James Lovelock’s book, The Revenge of Gaia.)

The formula for compound interest is the formula for perpetual growth. Perpetual growth is impossible; compound interest is the formula for the impossible—for utter ruin. Nature stops all growth. There are no 14-foot tall human beings, no 500-lb. mosquitoes, no 900-foot tall Sequoias.

But there is enormous, ever-growing, unpayable, impossible debt which is enslaving masses of men. It is the primary feature of our evil system of banker-issued money (money as debt), and it must go.

As must the charging of any interest. No need to coerce people into lending at no interest, just refuse them the resort to law to collect their usury. Have governments henceforth issue all money interest-free. The American Monetary Institute ( has complete plans for a relatively smooth transition to this in the U.S. Ignored, of course, by the major media, but sound as can be.

The commodity money folks are crazy. Aristotle said long ago that “money is of law” and need have no intrinsic value. The gold bugs want a return to gold, which has already failed (about 500 years ago), and they campaign relentlessly against any government; they want the Magic Market to rule. The fundamentalist religion of “Market” is the worship of Mammon. We have just witnessed where that goes. Only “government of the people” can stand against greedy oligarchs. At least reasonably uncorrupt government, that is.

Charlie Reese, a “people’s pundit,” in one of his very last essays before he recently retired wrote that 545 people (the Executive, the Congress, the Supreme Court) rule the U.S. and can start or stop any social or mass activity they want to start or stop—wars, debts, bank rackets, etc. But they don’t.

Charlie doesn’t concern himself with why they don’t. His is the classic statement of what could be. I’ll go to what is: because all 545—well, most of them—participate in the oldest of all professions: they do it for money, they betray the people to line their own nests and, God knows, many of them do it almost without knowing what they do, and some even think they are real grand because of what they do.

It is the oldest story of all: the crudest tribal formula. “All for us, none for you, you slobs.” The Lord Christ came against this. As of now his enemies, the Mammonites, are winning. But they win by means that must produce in the end their own destruction. God is not mocked.


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