Noam Chomsky: The Contours of World Order: Fifty Years of the United Nations (1995)

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1 hr 46 min 31 sec – 23 Oct 1995

on Apr 24, 2011

Renowned linguist and leading critic of US foreign policy, Noam Chomsky, speaks in Olympia, Washington, discussing the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations.

Noam Chomsky – The Contours of World Order: Fifty Years of the United Nations

One thought on “Noam Chomsky: The Contours of World Order: Fifty Years of the United Nations (1995)

  1. This is a great find.

    Chomsky is always a mind-blowing dissertation about advanced international topics, ultimately illustrating the following simple truths:

    The USA has from it’s inception, carried out and exported domestic and international terrorism and genocide, sponsors illegal invasions, coups, and embargos, excuses for which are consistently far-fetched, dubious at best, and change with the propaganda du jour.

    But the policies always remain the same, for which the US almost single-handedly dismembers the authority and opposition of the UN:

    All these atrocities, which are carried out under news blackouts and fabricated ‘democracy’ and ‘security’ claims, are symptomatic of the credo built into the original code of the USA by the founders for the protection of the immensely wealthy elite minority at the expense of the poor majority, both domestically and abroad, and everything we do is a horrible, sinister militaristic lie, having nothing to do with freedom nor democracy, and everything to do with vastly increasing the wealth and power of the elite at the endless misery of the masses (Bush’s mosquito nets notwithstanding).

    And this is what the enlistees continue to so valorously kill and die for?

    I think I’m starting to get it now: The patriotic citizenry of this nation are living a vast, criminal lie.

    To think we actually could have been using all this power and ill-gotten wealth to bring peace and prosperity to the entire world, and heal it of the wounds of war, colonialism and imperialism of past powers guilty of similar crimes. Amazingly, the disparity between the wealthiest and the rest is presently on a whole different scale than it was in 1995.

    Most fascinating is how easy it is to fool most people most of the time. Noam Chomsky is an incredible breakthrough, and yet… nothing seems to much change in the minds of the masses.

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