I Miss George Michael Evica by Colin McEnroe + George Evica Dies; Longtime Radio Commentator by Susan Campbell

My deepest sympathies to Mariana and her family at this sad time.

From the words of his daughter, Mariana:

My Dad was a first generation environmentalist, truth-seeker of the highest order, an empowerer of the people and grass-roots activist and broadcaster.

The dossier on my father (indeed my whole family) must be substantial, if his earlier FOI requests are any indication (they included *transcripts* of his radio broadcasts – mind you, we didn’t *publish* transcripts…that means some Intelligence hack sitting around relatively locally (since the show was not syndicated) and writing down every word my father spoke on his show, Assassination Journal.)

…his controversial research…he had his detractors…but by and large was revered for his scholarly research and investigative reporting regarding JFK, RFK, the plots to kill Fidel Castro, the War on Drugs, Iran/Contra, and *so much more*.

~ Lo

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I Miss George Michael Evica

by Colin McEnroe
Nov. 14, 2007

If you miss him too, you can sort of bring him back with these high-res video clips.

It was George Michael Evica (deftly rendered here by the great Susan Campbell) who taught me that art arises from the creation myth, that every culture has a foundation story in which something breaks. The apple is bitten, the egg is cracked, the fire is stolen. Something has gone terribly wrong and perfection is shattered.And art, said George Michael, can be understood as the collective effort to dance and sing and paint and write until the fissure is healed and the crack is sealed and perfection is restored. Which will never happen. And yet we try, because we’re hard-wired to do so. We crave restoration, and we hurl ourselves against the wall of night as we strive for it.



George Evica Dies; Longtime Radio Commentator

Professor Aired WWUH’s `Assassination Journal’

By Susan Campbell

Courant Staff Writer
November 12, 2007

How convenient, to label someone a nut.

Dismissing someone as unbalanced takes the pressure off the rest of us, and allows us to go about our business.

For two generations, George Michael Evica was known internationally as the grandfather of all John F. Kennedy assassination researchers. The University of Hartford emeritus professor of literature emphatically held that the commonly accepted wisdom – that malcontent Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in shooting the president in November 1963 – was a lie.

In the minds of some, that placed Evica in the same school as people who believe in Bigfoot, but for people who listened to his multiple lectures at JFK assassination conferences, to his nearly 40 years of Hartford classroom lectures, or to his long-running weekly half-hour radio show on WWUH, “Assassination Journal,” Evica was a heavily resourced, highly intelligent nudge toward the truth.





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