Federal Court In New York Just Ruled Indefinite Detention Unconstitutional and Issued A Permanent Injunction Against Use Of That Law

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Updated Sept 13, 2012

Sept. 12, 2012

We Won! Tell Obama: Don’t Appeal NDAA Court Ruling

We did it! But now we need your help putting pressure on Obama.

A federal court in New York just ruled indefinite detention UNCONSTITUTIONAL and issued a permanent injunction against use of that law. The provision would have allowed the military to detain civilians — even Americans — indefinitely and without trial if they’re accused of certain crimes or even just associated with certain criminals.

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Congress Expands Spying On Americans + Nadler: More Oversight Needed for Warrantless Wiretaps + Kucinich: Let’s Vote Against Big Brother

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FISA - illegal domestic spying - feb 2001, BEFORE 9/11

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Sep 12, 2012 by

On Wednesday, the US House of Representatives will vote on whether or not to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. If passed, FISA will essentially extend the powers of the government and give the authorization to wiretap Americans without a warrant. As of now it is unknown exactly how many Americans are being spied on, but the question is how many more Americans will be scrutinized because of this legislation. RT Producer Adriana Usero joins us with more.

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