Danny Haiphong and Margaret Kimberley: Kamala Harris Negates Black Freedom Movement

BLM March, Springfield, Oregon

Image by David Geitgey Sierralupe via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

Black Agenda Report Presents: The Left Lens on Aug 24, 2020

On this episode of The Left Lens, co-hosts, Danny Haiphong and Margaret Kimberley analyze the record of Kamala Harris and why she represents a negation of everything that the Black liberation movement and U.S. political prisoners currently fighting for freedom stand for.

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12 thoughts on “Danny Haiphong and Margaret Kimberley: Kamala Harris Negates Black Freedom Movement

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  8. I’ve been looking across the Atlantic, from France, for a light, an analysis, a sripping away of orhodoxy (= false consciousness). “Dandelion salad” gives me that analysis. Thankyou so much ! It seems that I can write lots in this conversation, so may I suggest that you try the gastronomic dandelion salad as the French do it ? Fresh (young) dandelion leaves from hedgerows as far away as possible from cultivated fields. Cut just above the root (which will then regrow). Take home, sort, soak (10 minutes) and wash in clean, cold water with a little vinegar. Then dry and put to one side. Then cook eggs – about one per person. The French say ‘mollet’ which means that the white of the egg should be practically white (and not transparent) and the yellow, . . . well, yellow, and, above all, runny. Pour out half of the water, and add the same amount of cold water to stop the eggs cooking. Shell them and leave them in the warm water until the last moment. Put the dandelion leaves in a wide, shallow bowl (if you don’t do this, your dish will be uneatable, your microwave will likely explode, and the whole table will catch COVID 19 : you have been warned). Pour in olive oil, and wisk with a wooden spoon (no Tupperware, of course), then add either a little balsamic vinegar, or fresh lemon juice, to taste, and a little salt. (Does ‘whisk’ mean ‘fast’, in American English ? Well, do it slowly, like the witches in Macbeth (Act 1 ; scene 3). When your guests are all sitting down, at their alloted places, cut up the eggs and put them in the middle of the bowl, rush into the dining room without tripping up on the corner of the carpet, place in the middle of the table, wait for applause, add a little ground pepper on the eggs, then mix gently, and serve : BON APPETIT !

  9. When those of us in the left are faced with the argument that we must vote for Democrats to stop the Trumps of the world from winning the presidency, we need to have a strong and persuasive retort to these purveyors of political porn. And I think we have one. The reason we have a Trump in the first place is because the Democratic party refused to give the people what they demanded in the primaries — someone new and not of the status quo. Without that new face, and have, instead, one more status quo neocon foisted on electoratehat left only Trump as the purported outsider. That wasn’t the doing of the “left.” Trump as president is the direct result of the Democratic elite’s refusal to abide by the majority. It’s that elite that obviously doesn’t believe in democracy as they used every method at their disposal during the primaries to dispose of any challenge to their rule. If they want to blame someone for Trump’s election, all they need do is look in the mirror.

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