Chris Hedges: It Exposes the Distortion of the Entire For-Profit Health Care System in the US

Communist Vegans - Covid-19 Exposes Capitalism

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Nov 5, 2021

Big Pharma is getting a big payday as the latest data shows the companies behind the approved COVID-19 vaccines are profiting heavily. In fact, Pfizer & Moderna combined are expected to make around $18 billion dollars from their vaccines in just the third quarter of this year. Host of On Contact Chris Hedges joins In Question to discuss.

Watch the video on PortableTV; Hedges begins at 13:40 minutes into the video. The video is titled “China’s Nuclear Arsenal” from Fall 21′ list on Nov. 5, 2021 (last video on the list); or watch on, titled “Pentagon dubs China a ‘nuclear threat’ as it plans to expand arsenal.”

World Health Network Second Global Summit: Opening Session

New England Complex Systems Institute on Nov 3, 2021

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Excerpt: “In a session titled “Big Pharma and ‘Vaccine Apartheid,’” Dr. Anthony Staines of Dublin City University in Ireland denounced the for-profit pharmaceutical monopolies for creating global vaccine inequities. He commented, “We’ve ended up with a monstrously inefficient, very expensive and very unfair way of distributing resources around the world, and a way which puts us at unquantifiable risk. No one knows whether there will be another new variant, and no one knows if that new variant could be worse than the ones we have at the moment.””

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