Jodi Dean: A Proposal to Save the Climate: Decommodify, Decolonize and Decarbonize the Country

Ende Gelände: Day 1 - Climate activists shut down one of Europe's largest opencast lignite mines

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Dandelion Salad
February 18, 2023

BreakThrough News on Jan 13, 2023

After years of catastrophic droughts, deadly storms have put 90% of Californians under flood watch. The torrential rainstorms in the state have created deadly flooding and mudslides that have killed 17 and left hundreds of thousands without power. The flooding in California, along with the deadly winter storm that ravaged much of the US through Christmas, is part of the long-predicted impacts of climate change.

Professor Jodi Dean, co-author of Socialist Reconstruction: A Better Future for the United States, joins the show to discuss how capitalism is to blame for the climate catastrophe and why socialism is the only real solution to the crisis.

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12 thoughts on “Jodi Dean: A Proposal to Save the Climate: Decommodify, Decolonize and Decarbonize the Country

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  9. The title for this page ends with the words “the country,” but I don’t think those two words belong there. The climate apocalypse is not happening separately in separate countries. The carbon being added to the atmosphere doesn’t notice national borders. (And what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic; the permafrost has begun releasing its great store of methane.)

      • I did indeed watch the video, but perhaps I’m not a very good listener. I don’t recall hearing “the country” in the interview. Was that phrase used?

        I’ll admit that, at present, our actions must be country by country. And the USA is pivotal, as it is the biggest bully. But the climate doesn’t notice countries. And I think we’re going to need a cultural change — not just a change of laws and leaders — and the culture really is global, though it does have little local variations.

        • Thanks for watching it, Lefty.

          The title for the video was made by BreakThrough News.

          Jodi Dean’s book is titled, Socialist Reconstruction: A Better Future for the United States.

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