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Socialism 2013–Glenn Greenwald: Courage is Contagious + Transcript

PRISM-Demo der Piratenpartei zum Besuch des amerikansichen Präsidenten Barack Obama

Image by ubiquit23 via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

WeAreManyMedia on Jun 28, 2013

Glenn Greenwald speaks via Skype to the Socialism 2013 conference in Chicago regarding Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA’s mass surveillance program. Introductions by Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater and the filmmaker behind Dirty Wars, and Sherry Wolf, author of Sexuality and Socialism. #Socialism2013 #Snowden #NSA


Check out more audio and video recordings from the Socialism 2013 conference at http://www.wearemany.org.




Eavesdropping On The Planet by William Blum

William Blum: Snowden Would Be Better Off in Cuba, Less Chance of a Coup D’état

Chris Hedges: Americans Have No Privacy Left, No Capacity To Communicate Without Govt Watching

US Rulers Fear American People by Finian Cunningham

Jonathan Landay: Insider Threat: Government Employees Urged to Tattle On Coworkers In Effort to Stop Classified Leaks

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13 Responses

  1. […] Like Greenwald said in his talk to the 2013 Socialism Conference in Chicago: […]

  2. […] Socialism 2013–Glenn Greenwald: Courage is Contagious + Transcript […]

  3. Three points to bring up in debates with people who are either on the fence or in bed with the NSA on the leak case:

    1. Snowden has not been accused of LIBEL or SLANDER, but of ESPIONAGE. This means that the NSA and US feds agree that everything he has said is true. So read up, and learn something.

    2. The current side of the Dem/Rep coin administration is telling us we should be thanking them for keeping us SAFE with the surveillance state. Ask those who say, “Safety is more important than liberty!” why, after fighting for their independence against the most powerful military on Earth, the framers of the Constitution wrote the 4th Amendment, declaring the right against search and seizure without due process, including probable cause.

    3. Ask those who say, “If you don’t have anything to HIDE, then you shouldn’t have anything to FEAR from the surveillance state.” whether they are perfectly okay with the police pounding on their door at 3A.M., barging into their house without a warrant, and starting a search simply because “they had nothing better to do” and want to check your closets and drawers, your PC hard drive, and the contents of your personal journal on your nightstand to see if they can find evidence of criminal activity. Even if you have NOTHING TO HIDE, do you seriously have no problem with such an intrusion? Would you offer the thugs coffee and cake without asking to know by what right and for what reason they have invaded your privacy?

  4. […] to protect civil liberties. Recently, Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald made appearances at the 2013 Chicago Socialism Conference and made very pertinent critical comments regarding Obama’s hypocrisy on whistle blower, Edward […]

  5. […] Socialism 2013–Glenn Greenwald: Courage is Contagious + Transcript […]

  6. […] Socialism 2013–Glenn Greenwald: Courage is Contagious + Transcript […]

  7. […] Socialism 2013–Glenn Greenwald: Courage is Contagious + Transcript […]

  8. […] Socialism 2013–Glenn Greenwald: Courage is Contagious + Transcript […]

  9. Glenn, you hypocrite, then release all of the information you hold, instead of selective tidbits. You are behaving exactly as the mass media you consistently rail against. We, the people, have the right to know about everything the Stasi State of Amerika is up to.

  10. Reblogged this on flying cuttlefish picayune and commented:
    The greatest video!

  11. […] Socialism 2013–Glenn Greenwald: Courage is Contagious + Transcript […]

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