Kucinich on Digging a Hole to China (video)

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August 07, 2007


Dennis Kucinich answers the question on whether China is a friend or foe during the AFL/CIO Democratic Debate.


Dennis Kucinich Talks About Supporting Unions @ AFL-CIO Debate (video)

6 thoughts on “Kucinich on Digging a Hole to China (video)

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  3. Dennis Kucinich is a bad ass…

    I’m glad there actually is ‘ONE’ for the democrat nomination as well.

    Ron Paul and Dennis are the only two people we should be looking at in this election period.

    I myself support Paul… he’s golden, but Dennis deserves the silver no contest.

  4. Walk into Toys R Us and I dare you to find toys made in the USA, not China. Walk into TJ Maxx and try to find clothing made in the USA, not in China. Wal-Mart, Target, it’s the same all over. All the labels say Made in China. Hell yes, Dennis! We have not only dug a hole to China but we have paved it, lighted it and placed one-way signs in it.
    You tell them.

  5. Wow, this guy is an inspiring candidate for president. A democrat with the chutzpa to actually do what needs to be done.

  6. Namiste,

    Heck yes, NAFTA was nothing than a tool that big corporations can use to screw over the US worker trying to make a decent living in our own country and have some benefits like health care and a good retirement plan like all of the Senators have……

    Don’t you all think he is just great!!!!

    Namiste and peace,


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