Michael Savage hates Muslims (video; action alert)

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At Brave New Films, we have generally stayed away from engaging with the extreme right-wing fringe. However, the recent Michael Savage attacks against Muslims are so hateful and vicious, we believe it is important to respond. Not only does he engage in the worst kind of racist name-calling and stereotyping, he then compounds it by filing a frivolous lawsuit against CAIR because they dared to fight back. Really.

The video is very upsetting, and we believe after seeing it you will want to act.

You should call or write a personal letter to one of the sponsors listed. Don’t make it an attack, but let them know that the video is shocking and you are sure they would not want to be associated with such behavior. A phone call, a letter or an email to the sponsor calling attention to this action by Savage can be effective in hitting him where it hurts.

And then have some fun. The call-in number for his radio show is 800-449-8255, and he is generally on the air between 6-9pm ET. You may have to bite your tongue to get by the phone monitors, but when you do and you get on the air, enjoy yourself. Take the high road. Don’t go to his level. You might consider expressing your dismay that his sponsors (pick one, like the USDA or Intuit, the makers of TurboTax) are funding hate.

We also want you to know that we are challenging Savage to try and silence us the way he has with CAIR.

Savage filed a lawsuit against CAIR because they tried to raise money on the same website where they posted his hateful message. The full story is in the New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/17/art…

In support of taking on bullies and in defense of free speech, Brave New Films has decided to do exactly the same thing: put Savage’s words next to a donate button on our website NOSAVAGE.org. By contributing to Brave New Films, you will send a message to the hateful bully, WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED. And we’ll donate all but $1 of the proceeds to the Interfaith Alliance, a group that promotes religious freedom.

And if you have a blog or website, consider doing the same thing. Put up the YouTube video with a link to the donate page to show that his efforts to intimidate those who speak out against him will do nothing but make our voice stronger.


4 thoughts on “Michael Savage hates Muslims (video; action alert)

  1. I say yes to Michael Savage daily, he speaks the truth. If you listen daily ; you will know that. I am black, woman and muslim. The book of muslim was written to suppress women by those who are the suppressors. I know this won’t be posted on your website because it does not agree with you. people like you want everyone to agree with them, they don’t think people share their views just like you do. I just stop buying England goods and won’t be traveling to England becasue Savages speaks for me the black, woman muslim.

  2. God Bless you and thank you for posting this…do i have your permission to reproduce this on my site also, or you can post it yourself….and we will be honored.

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