Wall Street, CIA and the Global Drug Trade (2001)

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Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 8, Number 6 (October-November 2001)

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An interview with Michael C. Ruppert
by Guerrilla News Network © 2000

Former Los Angeles policeman Mike Ruppert blows the whistle on Wall Street’s role in laundering drug money for CIA enterprises, and warns that Colombia could be the centre of the next regional conflict.

Please introduce yourself.

I’m Mike Ruppert, and I’m the publisher of From The Wilderness newsletter and an ex-LAPD narc and general troublemaker fighting corrupting and evil influence around the world.

When you created the newsletter, what were you responding to and what were your intentions?

Well, in March of ’98, it was about four months after I confronted CIA Director John Deutch at Locke High School on world television–he had come to Los Angeles to talk about allegations about CIA dealing drugs. I stood up on CNN and ABC Nightline and I said: “I am a former LAPD narcotics detective. I worked South Central and I can tell you, Director Deutch, that the Agency has dealt drugs in this country for a long time.” And the room exploded, and what I saw at that time was there was a crying lack of knowledge in the body politic about how much evidence there really was about the criminal activities of the Central Intelligence Agency, specifically about dealing drugs. I said: “Wait a minute; I can pull out a little newsletter and say, ‘If you look at this document, here’s the proof for that.'” Because a lot of people were running around with the vague notion that maybe the CIA were bad guys and had done some things wrong, and they didn’t know how much actual proof there was. So that’s been the mission: to present the real proof that’s irrefutable about what goes on.

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