The Biggest Obstacle to Democracy in the Middle East

ProletarianRenegade | February 08, 2011

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Speak Up, Before Our Cities Totally Collapse!! by Philip A. Farruggio

by Philip A. Farruggio
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
February 8, 2011

I drive up and down the main thoroughfares of Volusia County, Florida, where I live. All I can see are For Sale or For Lease signs outside of once thriving businesses, now reduced to boards of plywood in broken windows. We already know the story about the millions of residential foreclosures. You don’t need me to discuss that as well. Let’s face it, Main Street America is broke. Continue reading

Let It Cut Both Ways: US Foreign Aid and State Sponsored Terrorism by Sibel Edmonds

by Sibel Edmonds
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Dandelion Salad
Originally published by Boiling Frogs Post
February 8, 2011

Muslims in Mumbai protest against terrorism

Image by Bird Eye via Flickr

Material Support to Dictators Who Inflict Terror

In June 2010 our rights and liberties suffered a major setback. The United States Supreme Court upheld the broad application of a federal law making it a crime to provide “material support” to designated “foreign terrorist organizations” (FTOs). Under this law individuals face up to 15 years in prison for providing “material support” to FTOs, even if their work is intended to promote peaceful, lawful objectives. Continue reading