The Egyptian Revolution: A Democracy Now! Special on Mubarak’s Resignation

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Is this a ‘Young Turks’ moment all over again? By William Bowles

By William Bowles
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Dandelion Salad
11 February, 2011

Mubarak steps down, surely the result of direct US pressure. But what difference will it make, the country has been run by a military clique for three decades, all that’s changed is that now they do it openly. The real issue, is what next? Will the masses now press for Suleiman, all of them to step down now? It’s possible, it depends on what the army and the security-state forces do next, after the euphoria has died down.

Is it a pre-revolutionary situation? The fact that this all came to a head with the entry of organized labour into the fray, is not a coincidence, for buried in this act is also the fact that alternate, independent trade unions have sprung into being and it’s these that helped mobilized workers across Egypt.

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Something Rotten in the State of Sweden: 8 Big Problems with the “Case” Against Assange by Naomi Wolf

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Julian Assange

Julian Assange (Photo credit: acidpolly)

by Naomi Wolf
News From Underground
Feb. 11, 2011

Exclusive to News from Underground

Now that Andrew Kreig, of the Justice Integrity Project, has confirmed Karl Rove’s role as an advisor to the Swedish government in its prosecution of Julian Assange on sexual misconduct charges, it is important that we note the many glaring aberrations in the handling of Assange’s case by the authorities in Sweden.

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Noam Chomsky: How Climate Change Became a “Liberal Hoax” + Dmitry Orlov: Peak Oil Lessons From The Soviet Union

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Chris Hedges: Democracy is on life support in the U.S.

Chris Hedges

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with Chris Hedges
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February 11, 2011

AllanGregg | January 07, 2011

Social critic and author Chris Hedges talks about his latest book “Death of the Liberal Class”, in which he argues that democracy is on life support in the U.S. He blames the liberal elites in media, labour, religious groups and academia, for allowing the unfettered rise of the corporate class.

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The Fascination of The Mediterranean World by Gaither Stewart

by Gaither Stewart
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11 February, 2011

Map in English of the Mediterranean Sea, with ...

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A Personal Testimony

(Rome) When as a young man I moved to Italy it was an act of love for this Mediterranean land where lemon trees bloom. The original attraction for me however was not only the Bel Paese, as Italians like to call this truly beautiful peninsula jutting out southwards into the Mediterranean Sea and nearly reaching Tunisia. I also wanted the whole Mar Nostrum, the sea around which our Western civilization developed; I set for myself the secret goal of knowing all the lands surrounding the great sea. The attraction I felt was perhaps the same allure for the succession of peoples and civilizations, which have sought to both control and unite this beautiful and unique world. Though my original love for Italy has faded and waned in the vulgarity of contemporary Italy, not so the magical lure of the Mediterranean World as such.

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