John Perkins: Corporate Assassins Determine World Order

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breakingtheset·Jan 18, 2013

Abby Martin interviews John Perkins, economist and author of ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’, about how corporations are determining the world order, and how assassins take out those who challenge the system.

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11 thoughts on “John Perkins: Corporate Assassins Determine World Order

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  8. Abby Martin is very refreshing, she plays the glamour card but with great intelligence.
    I like John Perkins’ approach, clear and concise. Somehow we’re going to have to redefine ourselves, to ourselves. The old identities are slipping.
    Maybe we are who we are only through our ecological dynamics; how we relate to each other, to our immediate environment and the world at large through the new media, what we do, how we create.
    Perhaps the next phase of global governance ~ not government ~ will be totemic and participatory. Maybe that is the foreseeable future: new virtual turtle clans, whale people, bee tribes, otter assemblies, elk defenders, wolf admirers etc etc tree lovers, forest guardians, river spirits ~ all over the world. In fact, maybe that is how it is already, if we could only think clearly about about it for long enough.
    How many billions of humans? It’s a big constituency, have a conversation with your tutelary genius, why not?

    • Other than the intro to her show, she doesn’t really “play the glamour card.” She just happens to be extremely beautiful.

      • Fair enough, Eric. I wasn’t being disrespectful, just a bit cautious.
        It’s really the artifice of the medium, brights lights, snappy dressing, cosmetics, a bold front, that tends to “photogenicise.”
        You’re right to pick me up on this though, I guess I have been jaded by all these years of phony TV and fake sincerity.
        Make no mistake, all the channels do it, Al Jazeera is particularly subtle. It’s the nature of the game, tricks of the trade ‘n all that. If you go back to Johnny Carson and his ilk, it might even be described as almost an art. The art of virtual truth telling, a fine PR line. Bill Maher is very good at it.
        In the UK, it’s all a lot tamer, understated and more mannered, but then it all began with Reith’s stoic radio formality. As for France 24, they must have a 100 year contract with the pancake people, their tan is so thick, it must be trowelled on!

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