Stop Watching Us Rally: Americans Demand End To NSA Spying Program + Dennis Kucinich’s Speech

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Americans demand end to NSA spying program

PigMine2 on Oct 27, 2013

The United States’ massive spying program which was leaked by National Security Agency whistle blower Edward Snowden has prompted Americans to take to the streets . The protest was one of the largest in the country since the revelations were made.


Ray McGovern: “We Won’t Allow Constitution to be Vandalized!”

Bill Hughes on Oct 26, 2013

A huge rally was held on Saturday morning, Oct. 26th, at Columbus Circle, directly in front of the historic Union Station in Washington, D.C. Stopping the National Security Agency’s (NSA) massive spying/surveillance on its own citizens was the focus of the spirited protest action. Ray McGovern is a former analyst for the CIA. He said that he was encouraged by the large turnout for the protest action and how many young people showed-up. McGovern underscored: “We won’t allow our Constitution to be vandalized!”

[Special to the Baltimore Post-Examiner]


StopWatching.Us: Rally Against Mass Surveillance 10/26/13

Stop Watching Us on Oct 26, 2013

Thousands came together in Washington, DC on October 26, 2013 to protest the NSA’s mass surveillance programs.


Updated: Oct. 28, 2013


October 27, 2013 C-SPAN


DC NSA Rally Dennis Kucinich

Joseph Brown on Oct 26, 2013

Dennis Kucinich’s speech in DC on 10-26-2013.


“Stop Watching Us”: As Diplomatic Fallout Grows, Thousands Protest NSA Surveillance in D.C.

democracynow on Oct 28, 2013 – As new revelations of National Security Agency spying stoke the ire of Germany, France and Spain, thousands of people marched in Washington, D.C., on Saturday in a rally against government surveillance. Organizers say the protest was the largest to date against NSA monitoring since Edward Snowden’s disclosures became public in June. We hear from Jesselyn Radack, a former Justice Department lawyer who now works for the Government Accountability Project, reading a message from Edward Snowden; NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake; who was charged with espionage after he was suspected of revealing information about the agency’s warrantless wiretapping program; and New Mexico’s former Republican governor, Gary Johnson.


Glenn Greenwald: U.S. Spying on Allies Shows “Institutional Obsession” With Surveillance

democracynow on Oct 28, 2013 – The spat over U.S. spying on Germany grew over the weekend following reports the National Security Agency has monitored the phone calls of Chancellor Angela Merkel since as early as 2002, before she even came to office. The NSA also spied on Merkel’s predecessor, Gerhard Schroeder, after he refused to support the Iraq war. NSA staffers working out of the U.S. embassy in Berlin reportedly sent their findings directly to the White House. The German tabloid Bild also reports President Obama was made aware of Merkel’s phone tap in 2010, contradicting his apparent claim to her last week that he would have stopped the spying had he known. In another new disclosure, the Spanish newspaper El Mundo reports today the NSA tracked some 60 million calls in Spain over the course of a month last year. A delegation of German and French lawmakers are now in Washington to press for answers on the allegations of U.S. spying in their home countries. We discuss the latest revelations with Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who first reported Edward Snowden’s leaks.


Stop Watching Us: The Video

Chris Hedges: NDAA, Al Qaeda and the American Police State

We Live Under a Total Surveillance State in America by Fred Branfman (#NDAA, #NSA)

Lee Camp: What You Don’t Know About The #NSA Spying Scandal (with Chris Hedges) #NDAA

Julian Assange, Glenn Greenwald, Alexa O’Brien, David Coombs: The War on Whistleblowers and Their Publishers

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