Abby Martin: 100 Years of US Troops as Lab Rats

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with Abby Martin

teleSUR English on May 23, 2016

On Memorial Day, politicians will speak at ceremonies all over the country and repeat their favorite mantra: “Support the troops.” This pledge is hammered into the American psyche at every turn. But there is a hidden, dark history that shows that the politicians are in fact no friend to service members–but their greatest enemy. An easy way to prove this truth is to look at how they so quickly betray and abandon their soldiers after purposely ruining their lives, and even after using them as literal lab rats.

In this disturbing chapter of The Empire Files, Abby Martin documents decades of experimentation on US troops—from nuclear tests to psychotropic drugs—as well as knowingly exposing them to deadly poisons, from sarin gas to Agent Orange. Most damning is that the hundreds of thousands of veterans seeking help from the government for the side-effects are always met with lies and denial.

Part 2

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  10. Utterly horrific. Prima facie evidence of ecocidal war crimes in trumps. GUILTY as charged! Now what?

    Only, hold on! wait a minute ~ this is the good ol’ USA we’re talking about here, not the Third Reich at Nuremberg….surely?

    You little PNAC-io you, this doesn’t happen in the movies, must be some kind o’ PR mash up…!

    Don’t believe a word of it, impossible….

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