The Chris Hedges Report: Paths of Dissent: Soldiers Speak Out Against America’s Misguided Wars

The Intensity of PTSD

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with Chris Hedges

TheRealNews on Aug 5, 2022

Andrew Bacevich, a retired Army Colonel who fought in Vietnam, and Danny Sjursen, a retired Army Major who did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, have just published Paths of Dissent: Soldiers Speak Out Against America’s Misguided Wars.

Bacevich and Sjursen, West Point graduates, like many writers in the book, come out of the military culture. They began as true believers, embracing the myths of American goodness and virtue and the military honor code pounded into them as young cadets at the military academy.

The reality of combat, as it has for generations, exposed the lies told by the generals and politicians. We are not a good and virtuous nation. God does no bless us above other nations. Victory is not assured. War is not noble and uplifting.

The clash between the reality of combat, and the mythical version of combat consumed by the public, one that propels young men and women into war, creates not only dissonance and moral injury, but an existential crisis combat veterans, at least those who are self-reflective, must cope with for the rest of their lives.

West Point graduate, Vietnam veteran and retired Army Colonel Andrew Bacevich discusses his new book, a collection of essays by combat veterans who excoriate the myths of war.


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3 thoughts on “The Chris Hedges Report: Paths of Dissent: Soldiers Speak Out Against America’s Misguided Wars

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  2. As a son of a WW2, decorated vet of the, “Battle of the Bulge”, and Okinawa after the war, and brother of a Navy Submariner/diver, who served in the “Bay of Pigs”, and Viet Nam, I lived with PTSD from birth and then grew up to be a trauma therapist and worked with Vets and civilians.

    It’s only in my life and work that I realized I have been suffering from PTSD all my life. Advances in Neuroscience has proven that to be the case for many. While I didn’t serve, I feel like I have been in wars all my life.

    My closest friends are Veterans of Viet Nam.

    I feel safe and understood with them. But very few others. PTSD is a medical neurological disorder, and poorly understood or supported.

    And so it goes.

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