Jennifer Robinson: Julian Assange, Free Speech and Democracy

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“So when you hear politicians or government officials in the UK or in the U.S or in this country talk about due process or the rule of law this is what they’re talking about. Punishment by process, burying him under legal process until he dies. In fact, if you look at the case and you read our grounds of appeal there’s been very little by way of due process or rule of law in what has been inflicted upon Julian as we argue in our appeal. This case has been rife with abuse.” — Jennifer Robinson

National Press Club of Australia on Oct 19, 2022

Jennifer Robinson, Australian human rights lawyer and barrister with Doughty Street Chambers in London and adjunct lecturer in Law at the University of Sydney Law School, Address to the National Press Club of Australia on ‘Julian Assange, free speech and democracy’.

Originally broadcast on ABC TV on Wednesday, 18 October, 2022.

[Q&A begins at 26:11 minutes into the video]

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7 thoughts on “Jennifer Robinson: Julian Assange, Free Speech and Democracy

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  4. Gutless politicians led by ruthless oligarchs leave Julian in a hopeless position.
    The 21st century.
    The sooner it ends the better (we hope) for everybody.

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