Apocalypse? by Omna Last

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Dandelion Salad

by Omna Last

The singer Donovan once said: “The book you are reading is one man’s opinion of moonlight.”

Opinions about what may happen in the future are tenuous to say the least. There are so many imponderables at work in the fabric of the world at any time, particularly now in this time of transition, that any prophet can only guess at what lies in the future. But one does not need to be a genius to know the world is screaming in anguish and is completely out of balance. Before any new dispensation can occur, some sanity and balance must be restored.

Our fate is conditioned in part by alignment of the cosmic energies—the cosmos. The planet Pluto channels the Shiva energy, which is the revolutionary energy of catharsis that one way or another destroys all old forms and thought-forms that cause people to cling to ignorance and old ways steeped in illusion and delusion.

Pluto goes permanently into the astrological sign of Capricorn on November 27th 2008. Pluto first entered Capricorn in early 2008 but has been retrograding in and out since then. The Capricorn aspect is the aspect of the energy through which peoples’ karma is worked through. This juxtaposition lasts right through until 2024.

This period of late 2008 to 2024 is the period when all the karma accrued in the Piscean Age will be worked out. Some people have been able to avoid for centuries the direct repercussions of their power-lust and greed accumulated in previous incarnations, but in this period everything will come back to them.

Capricorn is also the sign of Initiation. Those with little negative karma to work out receive a big push of energy guiding them toward enlightenment, but those who were and are the cause of pain and suffering to others find themselves on the receiving end for a change. It is something that in the end cannot be escaped, though it might have been postponed for lifetimes.

The master-manipulators will find the tables have been turned. No matter how secure the walls of their castles appear to be, cracks appear in the most unexpected places; enemies appear out of the woodwork. Remember that all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not put Humpty together again. The first will be last, and the ‘losers’ who have previously seen through the charade of the world-ruling paradigm, will inherit the Earth.

People ask if this is the time of the “Apocalypse.” The word comes from the Greek apokaluptein – which means “uncover” or “reveal.” Thus, “Apocalypse” means Removing the Mask. This can happen through violent means or through psychological and spiritual awakening. This drama will provide a test for the indifferent, the apathetic, the materialists, the racists and fundamentalists, the cynics and their philosophies.

Those who feel so powerful because they are on the winning self-righteous side, the side that has the big guns and most of the money, may find that in the eye of the Spirit things are not as they seem on the surface. The “winners” will be free enlightened individuals, communities and tribes who are in touch with Earth’s spirit and who love the magic in each moment, who have no truck with xenophobic sleepwalkers or chauvinists. They will be winners because they never had any desire to “win.”

On her website www.marjorieorr.com, under the heading: “The Real Test: Pluto in Capricorn: 2008 to 2024,” Marjorie Orr writes:

“In 2008, Pluto, planet of transformation, deconstruction and reconstruction will move into Capricorn, sign of established government and moneymaking enterprises, to stay till 2024.

“It will trigger the American chart’s cardinal T square from 2009 opposing Venus, Jupiter, the Sun and squaring Saturn through the following seven years. It may start with an optimistic push for success or power as the over-confident Pluto-Jupiter affect kicks in. But following behind will be a dismantling of old structures, a reducing to ashes to clear the ground for the phoenix to arise, though it will not be a fast process.

“Pluto has not been in Capricorn since the 18th century when the American War of Independence occurred, so the USA is coming full circle, in some sense back to where it began. Saturn will also be in Libra from late 2009 to 2011, squaring Pluto in the heavens, suggesting major wars out in the world. It also transits round the USA’s cardinal planets in these years, bringing strain, cutback and losses.

“Then in 2011, disruptive Uranus moves into Aries to pick up the cardinal square to Pluto, though Uranus will have been in orb for three to four years previously. This brings upheavals, revolutions, violence, freedom fighters, an unsettling of the established order. The Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the mid-1960s saw the Vietnam War at its height, with anti-government U.S. civil rights and anti-Vietnam War demos.

“2014 sees Pluto opposing the USA Sun (until 2016) and Uranus in square to it (until 2015). This will be a time of tremendous ferment, chaos, perhaps anarchy, as old structures and authorities are swept away or violently opposed.

“By 2017 it will be time to pick up the pieces and start the process of assembling a new order, different governmental and justice systems, a reshaped economy.”

Karmic repercussions apply to nations just as much as individual people, especially in so-called democracies in which the whole population supposedly has a say in the policies of the ruling establishment. America has a karmic imbalance of increasingly negative proportions. There have been many geniuses born in America and innumerable acts and ideas from amidst a population that set the world onto a path leading to freedom, creativity, and human rights for all people.

But the U.S. took part in the needless and horrific firebombing of Dresden at the end of World War II. It nuked two cities of helpless people eating breakfast and fifty years later issued a stamp commemorating the event. It killed three million Vietnamese and destroyed the ecology of the nation with tons of Agent-Orange in order to get control of the opium trade of the Golden Triangle. It never apologised for these acts of barbaric desperation.

More recently the U.S. dropped depleted uranium on Serbia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The nuclear dust now blows around the world, adding a twist of death to everyone’s hope for the future. It murdered a million in Iraq and made a few million Iraqi refugees, and it refuses to slow its contribution to global warming.

America’s angst and hubris grow unabated. It is like a big dirty wolf devouring helpless sheep everywhere that George W. Bush turns his stupid grin. But America’s number is coming up. Already you can see it in the financial meltdown that its corporate sharks created with their greed. America is a nation that rose quickly but has been strangled in a few short years by neo-cons, chicken-hawks, liars, perverts, clowns and an emperor who is more naked than a plucked chicken. This chicken is ready for the roast, ready to be slowly turned on a cul-de-sac by a bend in the road at the sixth level of Dante’s inferno. Gaia will have her revenge.

The transformation that will occur on Earth and within people will cleanse the planet of all pollution, polluted hearts, and polluted minds. In the process, the eco-system of Earth could be consumed in the fire, but if we act positively en-masse now we could avert a catastrophic transition. At the very least we can ensure that a large prepared core of civilised humanitarians will survive to inherit the Earth and establish the roots of a new dispensation.

Omna Last is an enlightened mystic from Australia who has begun to release his message on world affairs to the public. His books will soon be published and made available through White Light Press. To receive notification, contact whitelightpress@gmail.com. Omna’s website is at www.OmnaDelight.com.

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  5. #######

    Attn: Craig Pemberton

    Your Web page and contents reflect
    my concerns written in here, and
    which report is as close as you, and
    the rest, will ever get to the truth of
    what’s afoot with GLOBALIZATION:

    Planned Destruction of America

    Now, how does all that fit in with
    DandelionSalad edtor’s and my
    exchange about spiritual matters?

    There is an EVIL that marches
    about the globe, teaching that
    real — that no spiritual reality
    exists — where the former would
    enslave the masses to the
    physical and the latter would
    free them from this ILLUSORY
    entanglement; a freedom that
    A Course In Miracles would
    have us embrace.



    Attn: DandelionSalad Editor

    Re: your frequent references to the idea that the
    Course is ‘new age’

    You could not
    be more mistaken!

    What’s so NEW
    AGE about this–
    quoting the TEXT
    BOOK volume in
    the three-volume
    set of “A COURSE

    “Give up the world.”

    or this?:

    “The homes you built have never
    sheltered you. The roads you made
    have led you nowhere, and no city
    that you built has withstood the
    crumbling assault of time. Nothing
    you made but has the mark of death
    upon it. Hold it not dear, for it is
    old and tired and ready to return to
    dust even as you made it. This
    aching world [PHYSICAL WORLD]
    has not the power to touch the living
    world [SPIRITUAL WORLD] at all.”


  6. The true answer for America and the rest of the world is contained in the Research Paper Council on Foreign Relations: Enemy of the People, posted under Topic 1 at the web site http://www.CitizensForTruthInGovernment.org . Want to know the truth? Read this paper, review the names of the guilty, check out what they have done to you and yours. Time is short. By 2011 there will be 3 billion fewer mouths to feed, and this planet will move into a Neuclear winter. It does not matter what country you are in, this applies to you.

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  8. A lot of people already have a copy of the Bible somewhere in their house, also many are freely available.

    The Holy Scriptures is The Tanakh (The Torah, Prophets and Writings) not the New Testament.

    I still think whatever you are selling is “new age”. It’s not necessary to buy anything.

  9. #######

    Dear Dandelion Editor,

    Re: your question, “‘Errors’ in the Torah?”

    No, the errors in the New

    Regarding your question, “Why
    can’t readers just pick up a Bible
    and read it? Why do they have to
    buy a particular book?”:

    The Bible must be purchased
    as well, and simply reading the
    Bible is good advice in any case.

    But why not consider reading what
    Jesus has to say about his purpose
    and teaching?

    Interestingly, for the Torah Jews
    who may be reading this, the
    SCRIBE who took down the
    words of Jesus, Helen Schucman,
    was an atheistic Jewess, who had
    struggled AGAINST the internal
    Voice, at first, then began to
    accept the scribing of the Voice’s
    near-daily dictation as her life’s



    To Richard Cook:

    Yes! Pray and meditate and,
    as Jesus advises His
    Course students, “Teach only
    love, for that is what your are”;
    a profound bit of advice that
    this scribbler has yet to fully


  10. I have been in touch with Omna, and his message is profound and sincere. Basically he seems to be saying that we are living in a time when people’s actions from the past are going to catch up with them. It is a message of hope in that the present insanity is not going to last forever and that people who are honest, hard-working, and faithful should move ahead in trying to make a better world. We may go through some rough times, because “God is not mocked.” But these rough times won’t last forever. I would urge readers to take a look at Omna’s website and pick up a copy of his book “Lite in the Heart” when it comes out. He urges us to pray and meditate and live in respect and harmony with the Earth and the Universe. It’s a very positive message and, in my opinion, is perfectly compatible with other spiritual teachings such as the Course in Miracles. Remember too that Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple. Omna has told me that is also his aim and that in our case, the temple is the entirety of Gaia, the Earth.

  11. I’m not sure I’m following you, Deacon. “Errors” in the Torah? Why can’t readers just pick up a Bible and read it? Why do they have to buy a particular book?

  12. #######

    Dear DandelionSalad Editor,

    Good advice! As many libraries
    carry copies of ACIM, which Course,
    according to its purported author,
    Jesus Christ, has been presented
    in this time and space for the
    purpose of explaining errors in
    the Holy Scriptures–as profoundly
    outrageous as that might seem to
    strict, cause-the-Bible-says-so


  13. My suggestion is to read The Holy Scriptures/The Bible and/or go to the library to read a variety of books. One doesn’t need to purchase anything to “learn more about it”.

  14. #######

    The idea “CHRIST” in the Biblical persona of
    JESUS came to undo the idea “KARMA”.

    It has been undone, simply by application of
    and “forgiveness” (( buy and study the
    THOUGHT SYSTEM: “A Course in Miracles”;
    and do not follow the opinions on the Course
    of anyone other than the world’s foremost
    authority on those three books: Dr. Kenneth
    Wapnick, at the FOUNDATION FOR A

    If you study that thought system, you’ll come
    to learn the meaning of the worlds: “LOVE
    DOES NOT CONDEMN,” which is the title of
    one of Dr. Wapnick’s books”. In other words,
    there is no karma because LOVE DOES NOT
    CONDEMN (( yes, you’ll have to study the
    Course to understand why that’s true )).

    The planets DO NOT rule, only influence, such
    as how a rainy day can make one feel gloomy.

    Will! Ever the WILL in determining any individual’s
    lot in life; that is, what you experience is by your
    own choice–not by any external influences.

    From ACIM (pg. 365):

    “The body is a limit imposed on the
    universal consciousness that is an
    eternal property of mind. But mind
    reaches to itself. It does not go out.
    It encompasses you entirely. You
    within it and it within you. There is
    nothing else. Anywhere or ever.”

    So be mindful of everything you think, do or say!
    –not because of any karmic debt, but because
    your mind chooses what you’ll experiense, not
    astrological influences.

    – 36-year student of Edgar Cayce, and of about
    15 other spiritual/religious/occult thought
    systems –



    All of the above may be truth or false, or
    partly so. Finding the truth is a personal
    journey–is your personal responsibility,
    as your own mind effects your lot in life.


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