Ron Paul: It’s Like A Fix For A Junkie!

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September 19, 2008 CNN

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17 thoughts on “Ron Paul: It’s Like A Fix For A Junkie!

  1. It’s always refreshing to hear Paul speak. Even though I sometimes disagree with him, he gives off a degree of intellectual honesty that doesn’t exist with other politicians.

    “Real” socialism has its virtues, but let’s not also forget the virtues of “real” capitalism, the creation of wealth that often takes place before any type of social welfare state is even possible. As Paul often articulates, the US–which is supposed to be a capitalist country–has deviated from the basics of market capitalism. What’s missing in the debate between the left and the right in this country is the understanding that our current economic system does not promote healthy competition and innovation, and neither does it provide basic services (health care, education, etc.) very well. What we have instead is crony corporatism propped up by bloated government AND business bureaucracies. Milton Friedman, who was no lefty, was very critical of this symbiotic relationship between big government (with lobbyist leaches) and big business. It weakens our democracy and our personal freedoms. It’s the reason we have shameful health coverage. It’s the reason we have waited over 100 years to mass-produce an electric car. I can go on, but let me just leave you with this: no matter whether you’re a socialist or a capitalist, you cannot be happy with the way things are going economically. If you are, then you’re either too rich to care, or you’re a part of the problem. (You can be rich AND a part of the solution, by the way.)

  2. Keep up the good work dandelionsalad, I will be stopping by from time to time to give a bit of moral support 🙂

  3. “that would be because he’s an Austrian School economist” …. You don’t want to be looking too deeply at some of the shit those guys have come up with over the years. I think its more that he is a pretty decent guy who says things exactly as he believes them to be rather than saying what is best for his wallet.

    “dandelionsalad, on September 20th, 2008 at 5:48 am Said:
    Socialism. ” … no problem with that, but i think you need to get a new name for it. Even if tomorrow everyone realised that they had actually been mugged since the 1920’s ( a bit before actually… but hey!) they still wouldnt choose socialism, you can’t just ignore 70 years of propaganda….. that stuff actually works you know.

  4. A Bailout today, but what are you going to do for them[banker’s] tomarrow ?
    The thrill is gone,…, & thats the way “they” like it, ahuh, ahuh..
    “We” just bought[suckered] junk bonds, 7 come 11, Mama needs a new way to Cayman’s, and Bahama.

  5. “That guy always makes sense.”

    that would be because he’s an Austrian School economist, (an anarcho-capitalist), even though he’s too humble to admit it, not a utilitarian phony Straussian/Friedman/Keynesian central banker that claims to be “Free Market” (i.e Cato poseurs) while extorting money[sic] from you through force and the threat of violence while the kleptocratic-oligarchy feeds at the trough. putting band aids on the symptoms isn’t going to correct anything

    no offence intended, Lo, but it doesn’t matter how many “good people” get sent to run the printing press, the problem is letting government run the printing press. ; )

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