Sen. Bernie Sanders Explains Gutting Audit The Fed Amendment + Ron Paul’s Comments on Bernie Sanders’ Gutting Of Audit The Fed Bill


May 07, 2010 MSNBC Dylan Ratigan


Sen Sanders Explains Gutting Audit The FED Amendment


Updated: Sept. 20, 2014

CNBC: DeMint & Sanders Discuss Fed Audit Amendment

Senator Jim DeMint on May 6, 2010

Senators Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) discuss their “Audit the Fed” amendment that they plan to offer to the financial regulation bill this week with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow (May 6, 2010).


Ron Paul Comments on Bernie Sanders’ Gutting Of Audit The Fed Bill

KramerDSP’s channel on May 7, 2010

A disappointed Ron Paul makes comments after learning that Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) compromised with the establishment officials and politicians, agreeing to significantly limit the “Audit The Fed” regulation that he had pushed for months in the Senate.

Recent sources suggest that Senator David Vitter (R-La) has now brought up an amendment that consists of the exact wording of the Ron Paul/Alan Grayson bill that is circulating in the House.


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  3. Those sociopathic usury lovers probably blackmailed him. But the war ain’t over, and the fat lady ain’t sung yet. There’s a lot of singing going on though. The cabal’s engineered foreclosure fiasco backfired on them in the outfall from the credit implosion. They’re all running scared knowing they don’t have the safe storage for their caches they once had. Countries are dumping the dollar left and right and one after another–Paulson, Geithner, Clinton, Kissinger–are going begging for relief from the Asians who are telling them to bug off.

    It’s a war, make no mistake of it. Haiti was a hit. Chile was a hit, and so was/is Iceland. They know how to affect the tectonic plates and are causing all kinds of havoc because of it. This shows you how scared they are. The heat is on, and it’s going to get hotter! Before we denigrate those who cave in too much, we have to acknowledge what is and needs to change–that there are too many cabal supporters in Congress and their identity is being revealed and that the kingpins of the cabal/illuminati are being unmasked as well. Can you spell G-O-L-D-M-A-N S-A-C-H-S?

    That’s right–the war ain’t over…

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