CODEPINK Protesters Shutdown War Criminal John Brennan’s Opening Statement At CIA Director Nominee Hearing

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Updated Feb. 8, 2013 and Feb. 9, 2013

Witness Against Torture: John Brennan

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CODEPINK Action at Brennan’s Confirmation Hearing

codepinkaction·Feb 7, 2013

Watch CODEPINK’s demonstration outside Hart Senate Building before John Brennan’s hearing and afterwards, at the hearing itself. 8 CODEPINK members were arrested for speaking out and Senator Feinstein ordered all “CODEPINK” associates be “evicted” from the hearing.

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Michael Ratner: Zero Dark Thirty, Manhunt and Obama Admin. Justify Use of Torture + Globalizing Torture: Ahead of Brennan Hearing, International Complicity in CIA Rendition Exposed

Torture - America's Shame

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TheRealNews·Feb 4, 2013

Michael Ratner: Recent films and Obama’s lack of prosecution of CIA and Bush Cheney for torture is creating conditions for its public acceptance.

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Chris Hedges: NDAA: This Is The Final Battle Between The Restoration Of Due Process and The Imposition Of A Military State (updated)

with Chris Hedges
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February 6, 2013

In two weeks civil liberty in America is threatened. Will you stand up for your rights? #stopndaa

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Chris Hedges: NDAA May Already Be Detaining Americans 2/6/13

Kenny Steven Fuentes·Feb 6, 2013

Chris Hedges speaks at the 2/6/13 press conference following oral arguments made at Federal Courthouse in New York City. Hedges v. Obama challenges key provisions of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act that legalize indefinite detention of American citizens. Learn more at

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