Thy Kingdom Come: The Christian Call to Social Action by Kevin Daugherty

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by Kevin Daugherty
February 14, 2014

J JAMES TISSOT - soldiers mocked Jesus

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It is no surprise that activism is something that I am passionate about. Usually, I have expressed my activistic impulse by allying with socialist and communist parties and organizations, but recently this has started to change. For a long time, I thought of religion, politics, and economics as largely separate categories. For me, my religion was Christianity, and my politics and economics were socialist, but as I developed in my Christian faith, as I continued to read, I realized that these categories were all interconnected and interdependent.


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14 thoughts on “Thy Kingdom Come: The Christian Call to Social Action by Kevin Daugherty

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  9. Pesky, Christianity never killed anyone, human beings with hate in their hearts have. stop being so damn Christophobic! it is a bigotry as bad as Islamophobia, anti-semitism, racism, homophobia, etc.

  10. Kevin , i love your blog , and hope that you write more stuff like this for Lo’s blog . You understand the real gospel in its context as THE revolution of the ages.

    Besides there is a selfish reason why i want you here– i am tired of being the only one attacked by my fellow progressives that are basically Biblical illiterates and reactionary Christophobes.

    They need to cease and desist their unfounded Christophobia and pick up and read for themselves , and see that our Socialism and the good news of Christ can work , and does work in tandem .

  11. As a non-believing “unchristian,” I do not personally subscribe to religious activism of any description; but I fully acknowledge that belief can, and does motivate individuals to seek and express a moral commitment to social justice, ecological values and ethical conduct.

    My principle misgiving about literal adherence to “axial-age” formulae, is that history does not really demonstrate their adequacy. What might have been functional and applicable in certain times and places, cannot be easily extrapolated to fit a new planetary consciousness and its exponentially expanded cosmological context.

    Our sacred narrative needs to evolve to embody and express an emergent coherent “Gnosis” that is more than the sum of its antecedent parts. Let each discover their own “God or Goddess” & spiritual ideal as they will.

    Unrestricted visionary experience and deeply personal mystical understanding ~ of the type the great William James so clearly advocated ~ must transcend philosophical difference, psychological disposition and received cultural prejudice; simply because to be real and therefore ethical and socially effective, true spirituality must be wholly unique and intimately subjective…completely natural and consistent with one’s innate will ~ in short, fully internalized and thoroughly individuated.

    Only then, once we have acknowledged that truth in whatever form it is received, are we competent to even begin to correspond adequately and communicate our divine essence as empowered “relatives…human beings walking in a sacred manner.”

  12. Hate to rain on your parade! It is Christianity that has been killing in the name of a god – today that god is called ‘money’ and the ‘spiritual’ leader is greed.

    • Pesky , neither Jesus nor his true followers have ever killed anyone . Stop accusing the innocent because of your own bigotry . How would you like for someone to accuse you for something you never did ?

      i have been a christian-pacifist for 39 years , and you are accusing ME when you make offensive and irresponsible remarks like this .

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