Capitalism is Killing the Planet by Eric Schechter


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by Eric Schechter aka LeftyMathProf
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Eric’s Rants and Videos blog
May 2, 2018

leftymathprof on Apr 30, 2018

Feedback loops such as albedo loss are accelerating global warming. Tipping points such as the release of polar methane may increasing warming very suddenly. Soon our crops will fail. Science might save us but isn’t being used. Plutocrats block any reforms that would cut their profits. Our democracy is a sham. Trade makes inevitable the increase of inequality, ecocidal side effects, and the alienation of people from each other. Only sharing might save us, and we won’t get there through reforms. The first stop is to talk about it.

Transcript and related links at Eric’s Rants and Videos blog.

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