Michael Hudson: Deciphering Geo-Political Games

Capitalism Kills

Image by Infinite Ache via Flickr

by Michael Hudson
Writer, Dandelion Salad
October 1, 2018

“Professor Michael Hudson discusses the globalisation fallout as new trading blocs distance themselves from US dollar denominated trade. Will the US be able to maintain its imperialist tendencies in light of these trends? How much further can the rentiers push their free-for-all? The show finishes with an overview of Michael’s new book And forgive them our debts.

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Listen: http://www.earthsharing.org.au/2018/09/geo-political-games-with-prof-michael-hudson/

or https://www.mixcloud.com/RenegadeEconomists/geo-political-games/

Michael Hudson is President of The Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends (ISLET), a Wall Street Financial Analyst, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and author of …and forgive them their debts, J is for Junk Economics (2017), Killing the Host (2015), The Bubble and Beyond (2012), Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire (1968 & 2003), Trade, Development and Foreign Debt: A History of Theories of Polarization v. Convergence in the World Economy (1992 & 2009) and of The Myth of Aid (1971), amongst many others. He can be reached via his website Michael Hudson, mh@michael-hudson.com.

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