Abby Martin: Never Forget: Lessons of the Post-9/11 Warpath

War is terrorism with a bigger budget

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Empire Files on Sep 11, 2021

As the US Empire tries to leave its 9/11 warpath on Afghanistan & Iraq in the past, Abby Martin reviews the core lessons.

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From the archives:

Thomas Drake: From 9/11 to Mass Surveillance, The Man Who Knew Too Much (must-see) Updated: Sept. 12, 2021

9/11: A Personal Reflection After Twenty Years, by Kenn Orphan

Blinken on Damage-Limitation Tour After Afghanistan Fiasco, by Finian Cunningham

What Ending a War Could Look Like, by David Swanson + Abby Martin: Afghanistan War Pays Off BIG For Generals Who Lied

A Letter to Americans about Afghanistan, from the Margins of Empire, by Kenn Orphan

Chris Hedges and Danny Sjursen: A Soldier’s View On Afghanistan

War: Ever More Present and Absent, by David Swanson

Biden Forfeits his Afghan Victory by Defending his Deep State Advisors, by Michael Hudson

Lies, Damn Lies, and What We’ve Been Told About Afghanistan, by David Swanson

Marjorie Cohn: The Aftermath of 9-11 Lives On + Ray McGovern and Jason Leopold: 9/11 Not an “Intelligence Failure” + Ralph Nader on 9/11: The Empire’s Overkill + Abby Martin: 9/11 and the Belligerent Empire

8 thoughts on “Abby Martin: Never Forget: Lessons of the Post-9/11 Warpath

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