Abby Martin and Paul Jay: Afghanistan and 9/11 + Return to Kandahar

9-11: Lies!

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theAnalysis-news on Sept 27, 2021

In an episode of the Empire Files podcast, Abby interviews Paul about his investigation into the 9/11 attacks, and his experiences in Afghanistan.

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Return to Kandahar

Paul Jay on ~2017

Nelofer Pazira, star of the movie Kandahar, returns to Afghanistan to seek out her childhood friend Dyana, whose story inspired that film. Landing in Kabul 13 years after her family left Russian-occupied Afghanistan, Nelofer unravels her past and the history of her country while searching for Dyana. The epic journey takes her to Kabul, Kandahar, and Masir-e-Sharif, where Dyana’s uncle last had contact with her family. Nelofer journeys across a broken land smashed by war with the Russians, years of anarchy under the Northern Alliance, the Taliban, and now by America’s war on terror. Incisively weaving Nelofer’s personal story with that of Afghanistan itself, Return To Kandahar shows a country once again in the grip of warlords. [Released in 2003]

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9 thoughts on “Abby Martin and Paul Jay: Afghanistan and 9/11 + Return to Kandahar

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  7. Profoundly sad film.

    The tragedy of the world is the oppression of the vulnerable. To act from strength requires immense courage and purposeful intent. I think the UN has a huge responsibility to set a powerful example, exacting pressure in appropriate ways to exercise influence that allows education to overcome the vast inertia of conditioned religious conformity and submissive apathy we witness worldwide.

    China could play a huge part in this, but as yet the CCP seems to have allowed the immense cultural heritage of the Chinese to be suppressed and distorted in the name of their ‘acceptable’ Marxist ideology. It is a great irony and a historical paradox that is profoundly difficult to unravel and square with the ecosystemic reality.

    Only time will tell what outcomes may be shaped by overcoming the present cultural inertia and multicultural impasse. Islamicate societies especially, are in dire need of creative and ingenious initiatives motivated by authentic spiritual insight.

    All is indeed not well in the grim shadow of the current US ‘big top’ with its ridiculous piety ~ too many hack clowns and a desperate need for fresh, radically coordinated, enlightened innovation.

  8. It seems to me that Iran was the ultimate target of the US and its co-conspirators, in its “war on terror” operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. After 20+ years of attempting to consolidate control of Iraq and Afghanistan, in anticipation of a pincers/hammer-&-anvil assault against Iran, it became too obvious that a US war against Iran is a logistical and military impossibility. Control of the populations of Afghanistan and Iraq could not be achieved to a sufficient level to allow the assault against Iran without having to commit unsustainably large numbers of combat troops to protect bases and logistical operations against partisan attack. War on Iran was finally abandoned, and the end-game is to just leave the entire Middle East in warlord-ruled, heavily-armed internecine chaos, similar to the US exit from Vietnam.

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