McCain: I will follow Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell + McCain’s Serious Foreign Policy

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Senator John McCain comments on Osama bin Laden during a rally in Tampa, FL on January 28th, 2008.


John McCain’s Serious Foreign Policy

By Glenn Greenwald
04/26/08 “Salon

John McCain was on a conference call with right-wing bloggers yesterday and boasted:

I think that people should understand that I will be Hamas’s worst nightmare.

What possible reason would a U.S. President have for turning himself and our country into a “nightmare” for Hamas, let alone its “worst nightmare”? Hamas is a single-issue Palestinian group, focused exclusively on its “territorial dispute” with Israel (and, in light of its victory in the U.S.-demanded election, is also now preoccupied with governing the Palestinian Authority). Is there anyone who thinks that Hamas has tried to, will try to, or ever could attack the U.S.? Hamas is an enemy of Israel, not the U.S. Is that a distinction we even recognize any more?



John McCain’s Bid For American Jewish Votes

By Glenn Greenwald
04/28/08 “Salon

John McCain was in South Florida yesterday bidding for Jewish votes by explicitly articulating the right-wing, fear-mongering strategy to secure this vital voting bloc: namely, exploiting the devotion which many American Jewish voters have to Israel by scaring them into believing that Barack Obama will jeopardize Israel’s security while only McCain will protect that country (by copying the Bush/Cheney approach to Israel’s enemies):

When asked about the Jewish vote in South Florida, a bloc that typically votes Democratic, McCain said he wanted the votes of all Americans. “There are many Jewish Americans who are committed to the state of Israel and its existence and realize it is under incredible threat — the Iranians, Hamas, Hezbollah, all of the other threats that they face including the president of Iran, who Sen. Obama wants to sit down and negotiate with face to face, who is dedicated to the extinction of the state of Israel,” McCain said.



McCain’s Bizarre Undiscovered Foreign Policy Ideas

McCain’s troubling foreign policy vision on Iraq/Afghanistan/the war on terror is well-known. But he’s just as recklessly hawkish when it comes to the rest of the world. For example, he wants to create a League of Democracies that will replace the United Nations. Here’s the always insightful Fareed Zakaria:

The approach lacks any strategic framework…. How would the League of Democracies fight terrorism while excluding countries like Jordan, Morocco, Egypt and Singapore? What would be the gain to the average American to lessen our influence with Saudi Arabia, the central banker of oil, in a world in which we are still crucially dependent on that energy source?



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8 thoughts on “McCain: I will follow Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell + McCain’s Serious Foreign Policy

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  4. Arm yourself with your own mind, it’s not just for the “weak”. I grew up on NATO bases, I remember our only source of information was from ‘The Stars and Stripes’, we had no idea what was going on, they fed us the same crap about others hating our freedom…blah, blah, blah. This was in the ’80’s (Reagan), people were trying to blow us up back then too. I had to get out of that lifestyle to realize that none of it added up.

    The US is not just divided up into left /right, weak /strong. We are much more complex than that. The division is a lie to keep us fighting with one another, so the real liars running the country and risking YOUR life can continue to pursue THEIR interests, that includes the Clinton/Bush Dynasty. They’ve even convinced some people that diplomacy is “appeasing terrorists” and “weak”. Stop taking it out on your fellow Americans. There’s a good reason why the people in the country are fed up, and unfortunately for you, it’s well over half the country now. Tell you anything? That doesn’t exactly support your weak half accusation.

    To invest your life in something you believe in to find out it a lie is hard to come to terms with. They say the first step in coping is denial.

    Be safe.

  5. If the week (weak?) half of this country wins in November, no matter what they do, I guarantee you they will not have ruined it. Some other people ruined it a long time ago.
    Have you looked into or thought about the war on drugs? I hear that’s going really well… You wouldn’t want us to look weak, would you?

  6. Are you people retarded? I’m in the millitary, and I’m so sick of the ignorance every time im home, and every time I’m reading blogs.
    McCain is clearly pushing for us to let the Iraq people take over most there own security. Its vital we dont look like we are a week country again, like when Clinton was in power. Its the reason Assama thought they could push us out of the region with 9/11. Because of how we acted in Basnia.

    We trully have them beat down in the region, I hope the week half of our country dose not ruin this war for us.

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