Joe Biden: On the Issues by Lo + Obama Introduces Joe Biden

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Aug 23, 2008

Lots of info: Biden: On the Issues

Congressional Votes

Joseph Biden has missed 193 votes (30.3%) during the current Congress.

Joseph Biden has voted with a majority of his Democratic colleagues 96.6% of the time during the current Congress. This percentage does not include votes in which Biden did not vote.

Voted against H.R. 6304; Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978


The picture shows where Joe Biden falls on their graph.

From the Political Compass

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US Primaries Chart 2008

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Obama Introduces Joe Biden


Barack Obama’s introduction of Joe Biden in Springfield, IL.


[Biden’s speech starts around 13 or 14 mins in]

Barack Obama Introduces Joe Biden as Running Mate



If I Were A Democrat Again, this is What I’d Tell Obama

“Change,” “Hope” … Why They Must be Talking About Joe Biden! By ALEXANDER COCKBURN

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  11. Thank you for posting the political compass stuff… And I, too, was shocked when I saw all but Kucinich-Nader-Gravel as the only people who weren’t in the authoritarian-right quadrant.

  12. You posted a blog yesterday: What I would tell Obama if I were a Democrat. It was good advise and it is much better than Biden for VP. Obama reads a speech well, but still stares like Bush a deer caught in headlights when asked an unexpected questions.

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