US attorney general ‘to probe CIA torture case’

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Sun, 09 Aug 2009 04:20:13 GMT

Tortured Logic

The US attorney general is likely to name a criminal prosecutor to probe if CIA officials used harsh interrogation methods against terror suspects, a report says.

A senior Justice Department official said that Eric Holder envisioned an inquiry that would be “narrow” in scope, focusing on “whether people went beyond the techniques that were authorized” in Bush administration memos that liberally interpreted anti-torture laws, the Los Angeles Times reported on Saturday.

Current and former CIA and Justice Department officials who have firsthand knowledge of the interrogation files contend that criminal convictions will be difficult to obtain because the quality of evidence is poor and the legal underpinnings have never been tested, the paper said.


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3 thoughts on “US attorney general ‘to probe CIA torture case’

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  2. I think a lot of stuff was being held back until Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed to the Supreme Court. The timing on the Sibel Edmonds thing is interesting from that perspective, too.

  3. What’s the hurry?..geez!!

    In this one area, I’m categorically disapponted in our new administration. I’d hoped they’d have more guts, and go after the bad guys, the big ones that is – not after some small – time CIA employees who were, pretty much, implementing the orders of the Satan of the Bush administration.

    America won’t redeem its soul, dignity and reputation until the real war criminals, the untouchables, are brought to justice – which I highly doubt.

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