On the edge with Max Keiser: Gerald Celente on Fascism, the Tea Party protests, Israel & Iran



May 22, 2010 — Latest on the state of global economy with Max Keiser

On the edge with Max Keiser-05-21-2010 (part1)

On the edge with Max Keiser-05-21-2010 (part2)

On the edge with Max Keiser-05-21-2010 (part3)


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5 thoughts on “On the edge with Max Keiser: Gerald Celente on Fascism, the Tea Party protests, Israel & Iran

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  2. Max and Gerald wish to preserve free market capitalism, they’re delusional. Max disguises class war with his language. A war between savers and speculators he says…

    What planet is Max on? This is a war between the capitalist class and working class/poor.

    Marxist’s are light years ahead of Max and Gerald on these subjects. Karl Marx spent 25 years developing 3 volumes of Das Kapital. Add in the archives of Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao and all the other great works of marxist analysis past to present and these clowns think they hold the key. The demise of free market capitalism has proven every marxist, past and present, correct. The only key they’re holding leads to the shitter with an air shaft to their childish dreams about gold.

    The working class and poor already have flags around the world united under the banner of socialism which has developed over both time and space and has left people with vast intellectual marxist tools to build a better world outside Max and Celentes myopic vision.

    Max invokes WWIII, but WWIII was/is waged against the so-called third world targeting Marxist revolutionaries. This reveals he has a failed grasp of empire, power and capital exploitation or again, disguises the capitalist crimes with his language.

    Max and Gerald dance around the Israeli question of Biden stating the obvious, being a zionist even though he’s not a jew. All far-right reactionaries ARE Zionists and have a historical heritage of working with fascists and being anti-working class.

    You can find some excellent books on Zionism here:


    Celente glosses over the history of Iran what The World Socialist Website describes “In the wake of the Shah’s overthrow, the revolution widened. Workers seized factories and peasants land. The parallels with Russia in 1917 were unmistakable.”


    Celentes perception of Red Chinese, Russian, Iranian, and terrorist boogeymen comes from his distorted view of a fragmented history, held together by his capitalist glue. The common theme however is US domination, power, empire targeting the poor and their resistance.

    With a giggle they go on to discuss co-opting the Tea party dispite the massive negative reports, including the Monthly Review’s insight into this republican shell front.



    Max and Celente serve the same purpose as Obama did, which is to be counter-revolutionary and preserve the status quo. That’s why they defend people like Alex Jones and use propaganda from Lyndon La Roche, and the John Birch Society…

    In the last Keiser Report, I caught Stacy regurgitating 3 days later in a diluted detail, what the world socialist website wrote, as if she was coming up with an original thought….


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