Chris Hedges: Is America Yearning for Fascism?

with Chris Hedges
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Mary 21, 2010


May 20, 2010 — The similarities between the former Bush Administration and those of a fascist government were overwhelming. And when a recent billboard popped up with a photo of W and the caption Miss Me Yet? it has to make you wonder whether or not Americans actually prefer a fascist form of government. That’s exactly the question that best-selling author Chris Hedges has posed, and he recently spoke to Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio about his reasoning behind this very serious observation.


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11 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Is America Yearning for Fascism?

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  6. I for one am not yearning for anything. Rather, I am going deep within to know my own face on all that occurs, while remaining open to the experiences of any other.

    It seems to me the societies created by man upon this planet are in a growth gush!

    • To be open to the experiences of another sounds good, but, honestly, it’s on the surface; as I see or understand it anyway. I am open to the experiences of others, very fully open, but it depends on who and what the others are. F.e., I certainly don’t really care about the experiences of war criminals like Cheney, chiefs of CIA covert, black, … evil ops, corporate destruction of the planet and of the lives of billions of people. However, I am open to the idea of such people serving the rest of their earthly lives behind cold steel bars in cells that are not country-style living, like a lot of rich elites who are convicted of crimes and sentenced to prison often get.

      Sure I’d be interested in what makes their psychological clocks tick, but we could certainly wait to study this after they are secured well away in prison cells. We could then take all the time we need and desire to study them psychologically or socio-psychologically. Until they’re placed there though, humanity has to work on getting them there. It’s priority no. 1.

      I don’t yearn for that. Instead, I have a passion for it.

      However, I do have a real desire for human rights and dignity to be [respected] and this desire does include some yearning; there’s a little melancholy involved, that is. It does not make me happy that billions of humans are made to suffer for the greed of relatively few and very sick people. It also does not leave me feeling neutral. It cause some sadness, as well as some anger and resentment, for me. However, I don’t lose my senses due to these variable states of mind; or emotional states. Such anger and resentment can be, for religious people anyway, channeled into sincere and deep, profound prayer; and this kind of prayer can actually put a person in real communication with God, who has no empathy for the wicked, while having a fully open heart for the oppressed, etcetera.

      But that’s for religious people who are sane; not the extremist, fanatic, … wicked and phony ones. The latter can’t enter into real communication with God because they are sick; religiously, spiritually, and morally, as well as psychologically (or socio-psychologically, whatever).

      For people who aren’t religious, serious contemplation and also meditation can take the place of prayer.

      I try to understand or consider the extreme and supreme criminality of western states, as well as other governments, rationally, but certainly can’t be neutral about it.

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  8. And the “narcotizing dysfunction”* adds to the problem because if you can comment with authority on the problem you don’t actually have to do anything about it 🙂 if you’re not out there fighting the problem, you’re part of the problem.

    *”The term refers to a social consequence of mass media. The theory claims that as news about an issue inundates people, they become apathetic to it, substituting knowing about that issue for action on it.”

  9. America is not only yearning for Facism,it is happening and not just because of Bush,Obama is following Bushes path.Facism for any stupid conservatives who can’t seem to tell the difference betweeen Communism and facism is the control of the state by the corporations.Obama has been called a socalist and a facist both by ignorant conservatives,he is a facist just like Bush or any conservative Republican.Our Democratic congress just like the republicans will pass no bill to hurt the corporations or control them.Corporations are allowed to run wild and even destroy America.The 2 best examples are the health care bill benefitting the insurance corporations and our banking reform bill which reforms nothing.Add our constitution is spat on by conservative Republicans and Democrats letting the government spy on everybody,denying habeus corpus the right to trial by jury and the right to view evidence,zones controlled by the government where people can protest and not be seen and you have a shredded constitution just like in Nazi germany.Add the conservative supreme court legislation saying businesses can buy control of any congressman they want and it is plain to see we are no longer a democracy but a facist dictatorshp run by the corporations and elite of this country.Then there is the education system or lack of one which is broke because of all the cuts in corporations taxes and the fact the Fundamentalist church is pushing a Nazi conservative only curriculum in Texas and the South.

    • I disagree a little about “conservatives”. While most of them are fascists and corporatist, there’s an exception or two, one anyway; still not perfectly ideal, but certainly re-electable nevertheless.

      If what we want are absolutely perfect candidates, then we will definitely not live to see the day that such persons become elected.

      Fascism and corporatism is found also among Libertarians and some Green Party candidates, as well as some Independents. Even the organic food industry is considerably of racket nature.

      A perfect human government will NEVER exist. Humans are [incapable] of achieving perfection. But this reality nevertheless challenges humans to work for [improvement(s)] and it is a responsibility to do so.

      Clinton was a fascist and corporatist, as well as racketeer, and there apparently is actual proof that he was involved in international drug trafficking and financial crimes. Reagan was fascist and corporatist. Jimmy Carter was President and therfore C-in-C when the US criminally provoked, basically forced Russia to invade Afghanistan in 1979; although, he didn’t come up with the related “Carter Doctrine”, which was rogue Zbigniew Brzezinski’s work. The Presidents before Carter were fascists and corporatists, and JFK did or certainly was going to do some great things, but the Kennedy’s definitely aren’t saints; they had ties to some Mafiosi(s), while acting against the “interests” of some other Mafiosi(s), like the drug-trafficking ones in Florida and New Orleans, f.e. That’s according to what John Stockwell and another JFK assassination expert have said about an author and documentary filmmaker on the JFK assassination said, while Stockwell added that there was one flaw with that author and filmmaker and it’s that he treated the Kennedy’s as if they were saintly, having done nothing reproachable at all.

      Pretty much the [whole] of U.S. history has consisted of fascism, corporatism, and certainly imperialism, colonialism, wars of aggression, and so on.

      But some imperfections were less bad than most were.

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