Rev. James Lawson: Non-Violence as a Science of Social Change (2010)

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James Lawson in Nashville, Tennessee.

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What makes a Christian different from everyone else? What makes Christianity distinct from any other religion? It is grace – treating others, not as they deserve, but as God wishes them to be treated – with loving-kindness and mercy. Only the cross of  Jesus Christ can free us from the tyranny of malice, hatred, revenge, and resentment and gives us the courage to return evil with good.  Such love and grace has power to heal and to save from destruction. — June 15

CalStateNorthridge on Jun 13, 2011

Complete, unedited video of civil rights leader Reverend James Lawson’s second lecture of his 2010-11 academic residency at CSUN. October 11, 2010, Plaza Del Sol Performance Hall. NOTE: The Reverend begins speaking at approx 19:15, following introductions and remarks from President Koester and CSUN students.

footage provided by Information Technology and Academic Technology
Rev. Lawson Lecture Series arranged by the Center for Civil Discourse and Social Change at Cal State Northridge
© 2010 California State University, Northridge.

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  6. Thank you Sibel for your continued efforts to spread positive pieces and hopeful words. This was a wonderful video, and a very positive message for those of us who still hope for a kinder and wiser world.

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