White House Appeals NDAA Indefinite Detention Ruling

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Sep 13, 2012 by

On Thursday, a Federal judge made permanent an injunction barring the indefinite detention of Americans without charge under the National Defense Authorization Act. The group of plaintiffs in this case comprised of seven journalists claiming this piece of legislation jeopardizes their livelihood. Their argument was that under the NDAA they could be detained indefinitely for just reporting on the violence in the Middle-East and interacting with terrorists. Kevin Gosztola, a blogger with FireDogLake.com, joins us with more.

NDAA ruled unconstitutional; White House appeals


Sep 13, 2012 by

A federal judge blocked the government from enforcing a statute that allows the indefinite detention without trial of terrorism suspects. That means a victory for journalists and the activists fighting the law who could be arrested because their jobs sometimes require them to interact with suspect on the government’s radar, but it could be a victory short-lived. Only one day after a judge granted a permanent injunction on the NDAA provision, the White House asked for an appeal. Tangerine Bolen, the founder of Revolution Truth and a plaintiff in the case, joins RTs Liz Wahl for more.

Obama appeals NDAA indefinite detention


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14 thoughts on “White House Appeals NDAA Indefinite Detention Ruling

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  4. Amazing…the idea that anyone could be detained indefinitely for essentially any reason. Who could possibly believe this is constitutional?

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  8. I am sharing this update on the dangerous appeal of this White House to remove Habeas Corpus and to condone arresting and executing citizens without due process. This is one reason I could never vote for Obama, or anyone wanting such power over the principles of our US Constitution and human rights.

  9. The NDAA is unconstitutional and illegal, particularly that section that provides the military and the president to indefinitely detain, punish or kill anyone in the world, including American citizens, without evidence, without due process, or a lawyer. All that is needed to do this is the suspicion that a person or persons are affiliated in any way with so-called “terrorist activities.” That whole section should be abolished because it is a carte blanche for random murder. If not, it will cause the president to lose the votes of any and all those concerned with civil liberties, justice and the truth.

    • NDAA Indefinite Detention:
      ( Should I conceal my Identity, is it Safe to Comment?) Joke!!!

      An administration of USA Government in 2012 is accused of such criminal activity and the evidence is to be found in US Laws enacted by this same Government?

      And the only punishment for such atrocities and abuses of powers is that citizens propose that the accused administration must lose office, not be re-elected?

      The unreal part of this story is that aGovernment administration is appealing through the US Courts System which entails admissions and responsibility for criminal activity by that Government… and USA Courts are entertaining arguments on breaking of US law and breaking of International laws on Human Rights and that this behaviour should be subjected to Judicial review or any judicial considerations?

      What happens to the victims of human rights abuse which results from this legislation? Who or what Judicial System protects the citizens of the USA or of the World?

      Whatever happened to the famous and much admired perp walk?

      Or is this thread a black comedy?

      Did the current administration really enact such draconial anti Human and anti Civil Rights law? Is this for real?

      Did the Democratic Parliamentary system vote to approve the alleged law/s?

      Then that would represent quite a long perp walk?

      Or is this black humour?

      It must be satire?

      The USA, the Land of The Free, could not perpetrate this offensive legislation.

      The enactment would represent the collusion of the entire political system and where is the Judiciary and legal representation?

      Where is the Fourth Estate, are they invisible yet again?

      It must be a joke… American humour?

      Don’t Shoot me I am only a Journalist/Writer of no consequence.

      • You brought up good points, Donal.

        Essentially what the Obama administration has done is legalize what the Bush Administration did through an executive order.

        Yes, the NDAA passed both Houses of Congress and was signed by the president on Dec. 31, 2011. See: https://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/2011/12/31/barack-obama-signs-h-r-1540-ndaa-into-law/

        Want to know the real “funny” part of this story? A whole lot of people are going to vote for Obama again in Nov. People that call themselves “antiwar”, people that say that they are against human rights violations, people that think Obama is the “lesser of two evils”, etc.

        And no, the corporate media will not be covering this issue any time soon.

        One more point to make: Many that are speaking out on this legislation are doing so only because American citizens are included. Does that mean they do not care that the U.S. passed a law that means that ANY person from any country can be held indefinitely without due process? The whole world should be speaking out against this.

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