Michael Parenti: Terrorism, Globalism and Conspiracy


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with Michael Parenti
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Originally published on June 16, 2008
August 24, 2016

DebatesAndLectures on Mar 1, 2012

Dr. Michael Parenti, one of North America’s leading radical writers on U.S. imperialism and interventionism, fascism, democracy and the media, spoke to several hundred people at St. Andrews Wesley Church in Vancouver.

Dr. Parenti has taught political science at a number of colleges and universities in the United States and other countries. He has written 250 major magazine articles and 15 books and is frequently heard on public and alternative radio.

October 9, 2002, Vancouver

Michael Parenti is an award winning, internationally known author. His most recent books are The Face of Imperialism (a critique of the U.S. global empire; 2011) and Waiting for Yesterday: Pages from a Street Kid’s Life (an ethnic memoir about his early life in Italian Harlem; 2013); and Profit Pathology and Other Indecencies. For further information about his work, visit his website: www.michaelparenti.org.

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  8. Vintage Parenti.

    It’s our choice: either we keep worshipping media escamotage ~ experiencing & interpreting reality through the distorting, vulgar, cosmetically opaque proscenium war-mongering lens of the flashy, glamorous and ugly corporate/intel propaganda-prestidigitators’ make-believe, ostentatious flim-flam ~ or…

    ….initiate coherent planetary coalitions operating under and by the Rule of Law; preserving internet freedoms; reforming institutions through transparency; regulating accountable finance; & deploying representative, coordinated ecological solutions!

    one recent example: a new UK party

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