Chris Hedges: We Need To Dismantle the Power of the Corporate Oligarchy

Chris Hedges: We Need To Dismantle the Power of the Corporate Oligarchy

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Rising Up With Sonali on Jul 13, 2017

The “i” word, impeachment, has once more become commonplace. But is potential collusion with Russia the worst thing that President Trump done? When we consider the relentless assault on constitutional rights, the cruel attacks on immigrants, the nods to white supremacists, the fueling of Islamophobia, the undermining of climate accords, and the huge number of industry and corporate representatives he has stacked his cabinet with, is the Russia story really the big one?

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  9. “We Need To Dismantle the Power of the Corporate Oligarchy”

    Yes, but HOW, exactly? Mass demonstrations and protests are no longer effective in the 21st century, especially with corporate media all but ignoring them. A General Strike may be effective, but organizing it seems nearly impossible these days.

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