Abby Martin and Chris Hedges: Donald Trump and Christianized Fascism

Resist fascism - demonstrators at London's anti-Trump rally.

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Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin and Chris Hedges

Empire Files on Mar 7, 2017

For the first time in modern history, a fringe wing of Christian extremists have obtained the highest seats of power in the US government—from Mike Pence to Betsy DeVos.

This new development is coupled with the emergence of the Alt Right, the Trump movement, and the rise of fascist movements abroad.

Renowned journalist and author Chris Hedges has embedded himself in what he calls “Christianized Fascism” and warns that this is the biggest danger we face under Trump.


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18 thoughts on “Abby Martin and Chris Hedges: Donald Trump and Christianized Fascism

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  11. ‘Inept kleptocracy……’ ‘Ideological fanaticism……’ ‘Theocratic totalitarianism……’ Yippeee.

    ‘…….Christian fascists……’ yes; some would say ’twas ever thus. “Religious history” is not a pretty fairy tale. What’s cooking smells a lot like like US Wahhabism has arrived home at long last.

    It makes Margaret Atwood’s ‘the Handmaid’s Tale’ somewhat prescient. Fascinating, but grim. At least it is all out in the open now, no more pretense. ‘Our religion means business! Real business. Killing, raping, scapegoating and ecocide is our signature speciality……’

    The question is, from whence shall the necessary ethical, moral and ecologically enlightened leadership-initiatives ~ to oppose and dissolve this Nucleated Abrahamic Tyranny ~ arise? Europe is in quasi-paralysis, at least temporarily, until we can re-imagine it.

    So what is the right medicine ? I’d venture this suggestion: the best way to disable a marauding giant with uranium-tipped intentions, is to render it legless. Remember Gulliver?

    Organized, co-ordinated, intelligent, global resistance ~ from biospheric Pole to Pole, is on the cards now.

    So the Internet is our most effective gift to get this rolling aright inter-continentally, activating multiple fronts, from a maximum diversity of positions. Before the heavy guns decide where to point ~ we can take a leaf out of the Jihadist manual….

    ….rapidly responsive independent groups operating spontaneously & randomly without top down control. Constantly retreating and reoccupying, utilizing every opportunity to harass, expose and confront with superior tactics. As Chris Hedges says, the vigilantes eventually get reined in, badged (and bromided.)

    So they soon find themselves no longer the elite bullies that strut with impunity, but the impotent objects of public contempt; visible and vulnerable to ridicule and exposure, but also, most critically, to rectification.

  12. The biggest danger is Trump’s reckless disregard of the biosphere, the loss of which renders Christian fascism moot.

    • I totally concur Jenny. We really have entered the realm of insanity. I think it was all predictable and Barack Obama bears a great deal of the responsibility, as he could have done so much more. A big fail in my book, maybe just a big fake.

      He banked on his cool ‘color status’ and people simply failed to recognize the damage he was doing, until it was far too late; then lo and behold, here comes Mr Fantastic. No surprise.

    • i disagree Jenny . the misrepresentation of Jesus Christ is THE root of the problem . Not until that is settled will there be any real deep change in how we act toward the biosphere or war or anything else. Why ? because we are dealing with the force and nature of deception .

      There must be a counter to this – namely the proper representation of Jesus Christ that will expose the American Empire just like it ripped the mask off of the Roman Empire.

      How is this done ? SACRIFICE. personal sacrifice and non violent martyrdom exposes evil . nothing short of it will do it. Herein lies the rub . it is easy to oppose to a certain extent . piece of cake . But are we willing to give our life so that Christ light shines in us and exposes the dark – which nothing short of that will wake people up.

      If the terminology of the faith is twisted , it takes lives that live the faith to straighten it out . That is how the early church won . Tertullian states that it was the blood of the saints and martyrs that undermined the Empire and established the true church .

      the counter to the Christian Fascism in the American Empire will come from Pope Francis . heads up ! its coming .

      • Rocket, here’s the problem; but first of all let me be clear ~ respect and deep understanding is essential to all conversations about sanctity….

        ….but, a one-size-fits-all belief will not serve. We can’t postpone our fundamental human right to spiritual self-determination by appealing to messianic prophecy, biblical infallibility, theological opinion, manifest destiny ~ whatever. Religion is a personal choice, pure aspiration; anything else is metaphysical tyranny.

        I agree with you 100% that the root of the spiritual crisis in America, is misrepresentation of the sacred; most specifically in it’s christian context. Personally, as you know, the only esoteric reality that I can understand or make any sense of, is purely Gnostic ~ but that is my interpretation.

        The difficulty for me, is when subjective experience of truth is overlayed or mired with obligations of pseudo-political morality underwritten by ideologically driven, literal beliefs. As I’m sure you know, I will never condone the imposition of casuist dogma, however pious, dramatic or ostensibly moral; but I profoundly respect sincerity and the right to exercise free will.

        The ‘received’ doctrine of literal sacrifice is deeply flawed in my estimation, unless it is, as we have discussed so many times, a matter of egoistic self giving way to true (realized) Self-hood. That is the goal of all authentic Yoga after all, inner transformation. My point is this, our experiential characterization of the sacred is entitled to be subjective & private in a free society; that is, if one’s morals and civic conduct are to express the sincerity of our spiritual convictions.

        Everything else is conformist posturing; social blackmail, due to family pressures or profane prejudice, buttressed by lack of knowledge, impoverished education and incapacity for self-examination.

        So I strongly support your passionate contention ~ that in principle, is absolutely true; but the biosphere is something else. Without sustaining the matrix of planetary Life, healthy & intact, there can be no sacred context or medium through which to exercise our devotions. No point.

        The weakness of church dogma, sui generis, is the hereditary need to impose its self-assured superiority; but that is also the greatest error of all cultic systems, everywhere. If the inner path is private, mystical, transcendental and personal, the ethics that govern our external actions, should be shaped by comprehensive and coherent understanding; born of a deep respect for the complex relationship of all living things.

        • David – maybe you missed my point . here it is . it is not about what i personally believe as a Christian . it is about those who use the terminology of the faith to justify acts of evil . the secular approach does not effect them or change. One must use the same terminology in order to communicate with them .

          look – i live smack dab in the middle of the American Empire . i know what i am talking about .

          When the Roman Centurian said this was the Son of God – this was Mark using the language of his day to redefine divinity . Divinity – Caesar Son of God – might makes right – oppression – empire etc.. Jesus – Son of God – divinity – humility , sacrifice , love .etc.. the parallex.

          the Markan literary device was to re-define using the same terminology of his day . and it worked. People here dont even know what it means to be a Gnostic . We are dealing with – thinking with the blood . they just react. and en mass they wield great political power !

          so how does one dialogue with them ? in.their.language . that is the language of the faith that has been twisted . MAKE STRAIGHT THE WAYS OF THE LORD – says the prophet. in other words – clear up this confusion and disempower those in power of those that abuse the terminology of the faith on very sincere people . David – they wont listen to anyone else. trust me on this .

          this kind of dialogue works with anything in life . apply it to talking about any subject with someone . these people dont care of the is not because they are hard hearted . they are uneducated. it is only just now that because Pope Francis is the Bishop of Rome that climate change issues is taught in Catholic Schools . Not only does he speak their language – he is the final authority for Catholics. done deal. but the bulk of fundamentalists in America have not a clue .

          you are getting way to hung up on your personal view of the supreme sacrifice and missing the fact that most Americans believe it . I happen to believe it too , and therefore they will listen to me when i calmly and with patience explain to them and correlate to them how that sacrifice effects how we must behave toward the sanctity of ALL life : no war , no abortion , no death penalty , no euthanasia, no sexism , no racism ,visit prisoners, feed the hungry , shelter the homeless , welcome the stranger – and take care of the garden called Earth that we have been entrusted too. that is pure Bible baby ! in the words of Jesus himself . this they cannot ignore.

          there are a lot of sincere people that really believe and i have seen them change when one sets and example and sits down and explains to them that these false prophets using the faith are liars . one must use the Bible in person to show in the Bible that Jesus meant what he said and to go and do likewise.

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