Abby Martin: On the Streets of Occupied Jerusalem

Abby Martin: On the Streets of Occupied Jerusalem

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Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

teleSUR English on Oct 2, 2017

On the streets of occupied Jerusalem, Abby Martin interviews Jewish Israeli citizens from all walks of life.

In several candid interviews, disturbing comments reveal commonly-held views about Palestinians and their future in the region.

Israeli-born human rights activist Ronnie Barkan explains why these attitudes dominate Israeli society.

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2 thoughts on “Abby Martin: On the Streets of Occupied Jerusalem

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  2. The bitter irony and tragic paradox of this situation is really dreadful. It is some kind of Semitic schizophrenia ~ yes, a crisis of identity. A collective psychosis.

    We see here a society that deems itself truly special; exceptional and unique. It is a community of mind and belief that has invested totally in the conviction that it alone enjoys the original gift and grace of the True God.

    However, Israel purports contradictorily not to be a theocracy; and yet its very existence draws power, justification and privilege from an historic covenant with this all-powerful God, and the mythic belief in a promised land for the beings that are ‘His’ chosen people.

    There is nothing special or unique about this actually; all Indigenous Peoples have myths, legends and initiatory narratives about the Sacredness of the Earth, that tend to be far more ancient and generally Matrifocal. Our planet is indeed Holy, Life-giving and Life-sustaining for all traditionally rooted, Native peoples. The ‘Tree of Life’ is universal.

    Islam has its Ummah or Sacred Community and a sumptuous cultural heritage, albeit fraught with dispute and strife. Israel has its collection of patriarchal Holy Books, a long pedigree of profound scholarship, division, bondage, dispersion and diaspora ~ a tremendously diverse sense of continuity and creative capacity.

    Authentic Islam also claims allegiance to this very same, unified God ~ of multiple Holy Names and ultimate authority; Islam received ‘reconsecrated’ sanctified status from the Prophet’s Holy Qur’an.

    What do these Israeli youths actually know of all of this? Absolutely nothing evidently; nada.

    Yes the brainwashing is total. Shocking, sad and terrifying.

    The only cure for these Israeli pretensions to hubristic omnipotence, is for the world to stand up rigorously and vehemently against such bigotry and false values; to shame this ersatz State of delusion into ecological sanity.

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