Abby Martin and Brian Becker: Questions for the US Anti-War Movement

22-02-05 08 Say No War

Image by Felton Davis via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

Empire Files on Feb 26, 2022

Abby Martin and Brian Becker discuss the Ukraine war and what it means for the anti-war movement.


02:15 – US unipolar authority & capitalist takeover of Russia

12:30 – NATO expansion and wars since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia’s red line & failed negotiations

21:52 – Russia intervention in Syria to defend Assad from US war

28:00 – Explanation of 2014 coup

33:26 – US role in regime change, origin of struggle in east Ukraine, Crimea

40:57 – Civil war in Donetsk & Luhansk, US trains and arms insurgency against Russians

40:50 – “Denazifying Ukraine” Truth about nazi influence in Ukraine

45:30 – Why US fueled conflict in East Ukraine

47:00 – Cancelling the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty & Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

51:08 – Abby’s views as an anti-war activist

54:17 – Putin’s anti-communist speech

1:05:07 – Putin justification for the invasion

1:07:03 – Western media hypocrisy & eurocentrism

1:10:29 – Russia invasion for regime change in Ukraine

1:15:23 – Costs/benefits of war for Russia

1:18:00 – Why US is waging war with Russia

1:23:48 – Tectonic shift in global politics & risks of war in a multipolar world

1:29:53 – Why disbanding NATO is important anti-war demand

1:35:42 – Minsk agreement explanation

1:37:26 – Obama vs Trump policy, Biden cabinet instrumental in coup

1:46:01 – Impact of sanctions on Russia &countries dependent on Russia

1:49:13 – How anti-war activists can prepare for what’s next

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