The Bilderberg Group: Rulers of the World

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Jan. 7, 2008

“The war is not against Bin Laden. We are the enemy”

Interview with investigator and author, Daniel Estulin, on his book, “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group”, which describes an annual gathering where the European and American political elite, and the wealthiest CEOs of the world, all come together to discuss the economic and political future of humanity. Highly secretive, the press has never been allowed to attend, nor have statements ever been released on the group’s conclusions or discussions. Also discussed are the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

Guns and Butter – Nov 28th 2007

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20 thoughts on “The Bilderberg Group: Rulers of the World

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  2. Well I’m glad he doesn’t run out the typical John Birch Society jewish conspiracy Illuminati nonesense… But of course if he did that he’d not have this interview.

    I just find it highly dubious that in three days, 150 of the corporate and political elite figure out how to manipulate the entire world, and then march home to carry out their NWO orders.

    Sorta like this myth of the Bohemian Grove control of the world, the Knights Templar, and Masons (Although for some reason I don’t doubt that Kerry conceded out of some allegiance to Skull & Bones… or at least fear of being wellstoned)

    Folks, we need to be very skeptical about some of the conspiracies promoted on the internet, especially on Prison Planet, etc. and not get too obsessed. They can’t control the whole world, it’s never worked. They couldn’t even control the USSR despite all the resources and power Stalin accumulated.

    Some of the most rich & powerful people in the world are hardly right-wing world-dominating secret-society-types. Is Bill Gates, Soros, Buffett part of this? (And only one of them is even part-jewish…), all of whom could fit David Rockefeller in their back pocket.

    Glad to hear it’s not all so sinister, and maybe we can stop worshipping everything said by Alex Jones. Glad to hear also the Iran War is ‘off the table’ (but I doubt the Israelis care what their fellow bilderbergers think, Zionism is more fanatical than world dominion, where the clash of religious cults is involved).

    But then to say these meetings, and those who attend are the ones who will destroy us? Well in a sense the banksters already have, and this we accept, as we did the fleecing per the Iraq War—But somehow I don’t think the last huge conspiracy alarm, the Neocons and their PNAC (now utterly failed, discredited and disgraced forever) worked out too well for them.

    So he’s pro-nukes for third world nations… And claims Greenpeace (for all their flaws) is being enlisted to resist nukes to help control energy for the wealthy (do we not remember that nuclear energy is built, run, lobbied for and financed by the same energy conglomerates who control oil and coal?) Greenpeace is just not large enough to effect this sort of influence (nor for that matter is Lyndon Larouche, another twisted quaker gone bad), and it’s not working (if Obama is now another puppet of this, why would he be so pro-nuke).

    But a conspiracy to destroy demand and the middle class in western nations controlled from shadow meetings including columnists like Thomas Friedman (arch-critic of the capitalist conspiracy implemented under botch), it just sounds so confused. Destroying consumerism and the markets has caused a 50% drop in the holdings of the wealthy, that can’t be good for the New World Masters… And killing global demand for oil by half, when these guys are supposed to be controlling energy like some OPEC of OPECs? Doesn’t check out to me, but ask some pros in global finance, like Krugman to see if there’s any truth to the extremes being claimed here.

    Indeed David Rockefeller is a very sinister force, combining oil, banking, government connections and global control, but he’s a very old, ancient, frail man by now, and I’m not sure I follow how destroying the economy, bringing his beloved Chase Bank to its knees, was going to help his scheme for global dominion. Besides, many lowly hedge-fund shysters could mop the floor with the old man by now in terms of capital, and they can’t be happy at his supposed collusion to destroy the investment banking model (which surely these bilderbergers knew was happening, how was killing their biggest cash cow helping their cause?).

    Also, the way to control the masses is not to make them poor—then you get Bolshevik revolutions and bread riots. The way to control them, to shut them up, is to do as Botchco did: Make them just wealthy enough (even if it’s a myth financed on credit), so they feel they are getting their piece, and they’ll be putty in your hands, and question nothing.

    Like Jones, I suspect this guy Estulin is combining genuine concerns with invented conspiracies (while downplaying some of the wackier ones for credibility) about shadow elite bent on secret world dominion, and it ends up being more a form of fear-mongering then a proper catalyst for change. (But it’s very good for selling books…).

    Indeed there are clearly conspiracies that need to be deciphered (if anyone truly cares any more), but:

    Question everything.
    Follow no-one.
    Trust skepticism, especially when people tell you ‘conspiracies’ are ‘facts’.

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  5. Folks, you need to know this!

    I have just encountered and learned some very astonishing news and I need to be sure people are aware of the situation!

    Canadian and American people need to know it doesn’t matter who we vote for in upcoming elections as, if we vote Conservative or Republican we get to have the “Bilderberg Group,” dictate our country!

    If we vote Liberal or Democrat we get to have the “Bilderberg Group,” dictate our country!

    Should we vote NDP we get to have the “Bilderberg Group,” dictate Canada!

    We are not living in a democracy in Canada, USA or the United Kingdom as I once believed and have had the wool pulled over my eyes for years – but I knew something was wrong as it seemed this last while that no matter who we vote for we get the same results!

    Whichever party is in power looks after Corporations and the the average hard working citizen and retiree is getting the shaft and – should Bilderberg Group have their long term goal all citizens of the world will become slaves to their bidding and desires as a super dictating corporation!

    These past few weeks have been very shockingly eye opening to me and while I realize I cannot hack at this dilemma like a mad dog, it is very upsetting to realize we are not free citizens and we are living inside a political tyranny of dictatorship and on top of that they have it set up so that each citizen is helping the Bilderberg Group oppress each and every one of us!

    You ask why hasn’t the press and media alerted the public to this altercation of our freedoms and choices?

    The answer to that question is simple – the “Bilderberg Group,” has monopolized and now owns the media and the press via business buyouts!

    Don’t believe it?
    Learn for yourself! Google the Bilderberg Group, read what you find!
    Read the various articles and about the European Union!

    Look up and check out Journalist Big Jim Tucker, Daniel Estulin or even David Icke ( who sometimes goes into strange areas of stated findings, but still has some very interesting facts and knowledge! )

    Go on search engines as well and check info on the Illuminati on the internet!

    This is very discouraging news, however it needs to be dealt with and at least by alerting people and making them aware of our impending loss of even more freedoms and rights, this is a small effort that I can do at this point, to begin to get ourselves out of the whole we’ve all dug ourselves into!
    It doesn’t matter what political party or nationality, religion or faith or non faith you proclaim or belong to!
    We all stand to loose devastatingly should we allow this type of tyranny to continue unchecked!

    Because of our natural human habits of herd instinct, complacency, indifference, not minding the store closely enough and our pre-programmed belief system of trust in our news media and journalists, a dark thief is busily robbing and extending plans to default us of even more rights and quality of life style!
    I’ll let you read and investigate for yourselves and decide what you can or cannot do to oppose this type of dictatorship!

    M. Bartok

  6. Henry Kissinger is a Bildeberger. He was sent to influence the United Sates. In 1973 the Tri-Latteral gained power as a working group of CEO’s. The purpose was to prevent any single ideology from gaining excessive power. This provides the status quo ownership clique the sufficient stability to survive. In and of itself Globalization succeeds all governments especially when they are under the control of fiat currency flows. Thus, simply put, any action is causal to the reign of centralized power that spreads like a vine ensnaring all participants in its web. Any attempted escapees (Saddam or next Iran) are immediately thwarted by retaliatory measures that may far exceed the perceived threat. The threat may even be created to promulgate a sequence of actions leading towards a perpetual end game of controlled power. 9/11 is merely a case in point. Regardless of who caused the event, conspiracy or direct Government act the effect is obvious. The point is to create a cause that is useful after the initial effect to get to the next stage.

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  9. i feel that we the peole of the united states needs to be more informed!! we need to find a way to educate the persons of the world about thease things, we do not have feedom of press in the united states, if we did persons like me would have known about thease things, thank you for trying to give us the news, please dont stop, keep showing us the light so we might see, thanks for what you do, god bless

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  12. Yes, there is “the power elite”. Undoubtedly, there are some people who believe that they are the Chosen Ones to guide us to…nowhere. They know in the fullest detail the path to their ultimate goal. We must acknowledge the fact that we can very easily change our destiny for the better by changing our state of mind and actions.

  13. These people are not as powerful as they think. Someone truly superior to them will demonstrate in a very short time this truth. Until this fortunate deadline, yes, they represent “the power elite”. Yet…

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  15. Hi UK percy. I understand and feel the same way. Btw, I edited your comment to post a link to the video in case others may want to see it.

    Did you listen to this audio? It’s very good, and I highly recommend hearing it.

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