Countdown: Bitter Battle + The Bitter Truth + War of Words

Dandelion Salad

April 15, 2008


Bitter Battle

Keith reports on the political aftermath of Bitter-Gate, and who it’s helped and harmed and Michelle Obama has a few words to say about elitism.

The Bitter Truth

Keith talks to Rachel Maddow about the truth of Obama’s statements relating to Bitter-Gate and whether Americans actually do have a reason to be angry.

War of Words

Keith talks to Sen. Joe Biden about how Bush and McCain’s strategy for Iraq is a failure and how they’re fueling the feelings in the Arab world that we’re there to steal Iraq’s oil.


Tonight’s: Waterboarding-Gate, G.I. Bill-Gate and Privatizing the Government-Gate.

Worst Person

And the winner is…. Cindy McCain. Runners up Bill O’Reilly and Jeff Hunt.

2 thoughts on “Countdown: Bitter Battle + The Bitter Truth + War of Words

  1. Michelle Obama rocks. Did you see her on Colbert? Biden rocks. Olberman rocks, he really does. Well done. Thanks

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