The unequal value of an Afghan child

February 25, 2010

As civilian casualties rise in the escalating Afghan war, listen to an Afghan child think about the value of life

The Associated Press 15th of Feb 2010 : U.S. Army units fighting the Taliban in Helmand province have a compensation system for any death, injury or damage to crops and buildings. The death of a child or adult is worth $1,500-$2,500, loss of limb and other injuries $600-$1,500, a damaged or destroyed vehicle $500-$2,500, and damage to a farmer’s fields $50-$250.

Transcript of Video

Zekerullah Jan, what are you doing?
Teacher, I am peeling potatoes.

Is having work good?
Yes, its very good for the people. Not having work is a disease.

How old are you?
13 years old

In 2009, 3 Afghan children were killed daily in war, children like yourself
This is vulgar and bad news.
Bad because therell be less Afghans, the people of Afg will no longer exist

When an Afghan child is killed in war, foreign & local leaders express their regret. Is their regret appropriate?
No, their regret seems to mean that however much the regret, children will still be killed again, so their regret isnt acceptable
If your younger brother was killed by a bomb & you were offered money in compensation, would you accept the money?
No, I wont accept the money because firstly, why was he killed? Secondly, those responsible should be punished so they wont infringe on the rights of other people
The monetary compensation shouldnt be accepted as money doesnt match up to the value of a person

Is your life as valuable as the life of Obamas daughter?
Her life is very good because shes the child of a minister or king
Arent you as valuable as Obamas daughter?
In terms of humanity, both of us are human beings

Zekerullah, never forget that you are as valuable as every other child, whether in Afg, America or Europe.

And all of us love you.
Be alive and be at peace, teacher


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  5. How much is an American child worth in any real sense, when no one cares that his or her future will be burdened down by a cruel economy, an oppressive government, endless war, and autocratic corporate control over his or her life from cradle to grave?

    • phil, the point is not to pit one nation’s children as being more valuable than another nation’s children. All children are extremely valuable as they are the future. Right now, our country is killing Afghanistan’s children. This must stop. Can you even imagine the kind of fear that these kids have to live through every day? Their country has been invaded and occupied for a very long time.

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