Protofascism Comes to America: The Rise of the Tea Party by Ted Rall

by Ted Rall
Information Clearing House
July 22, 2010

Is the Tea Party racist? Democrats who play liberals on TV say it isn’t. Vice President Joe Biden says the Tea Party “is not a racist organization” per se, but allows that “at least elements that were involved in some of the Tea Party folks expressed racist views.”

Right-wing Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has received permission to form an official Tea Party Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives. It’s official. The Tea Party matters.

So: is it racist? Certainly a sizeable minority of Tea Partiers’ “take America back” rhetoric is motivated by thinly disguised resentment that a black guy is president. As for the remainder, their tacit tolerance of the intolerant speaks for itself. “Take America back” from whom? You know whom. It ain’t white CEOs.

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GM, Gasses, Irradiation and Big Business: Subversion in the Grocery Store by Cameron Salisbury

by Cameron Salisbury
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
crossposted at Arthritis-Alternatives
July 22, 2010

Summer 2009: Juliet Tomatoes

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

Wouldn’t you know it. Just when we thought that we had made choices that made the adulterated American food supply manageable, Corporate Agriculture finds new ways to quietly and unobtrusively pollute our lunch. We figured a way around the colors, texturizers, hidden gluten, preservatives and taste enhancers with unpronounceable names, and thought we were home free at dinner time.

That’s the way it used to be. As the twenty-first century arrived the dark clouds that had been gathering for several decades finally turned American food production into a torrent of bad news for consumers and a bonanza for agribusiness.

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An open letter to the Methodist Church on their decision to Endorse BDS by Felicity Arbuthnot + Israel and Economic “Warfare”

by Felicity Arbuthnot
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
22 July, 2010

Dear Sir or Madam,

The decision of the Methodist Church to endorse the BDS Campaign, has not alone been greeted with huge respect by those concerned with the near unique plight of Palestinians, attacked, evicted, walled in or excluded, land divested for sixty two years, but has also restored faith in what believers are : adherents to peaceful justice wherever the opposite is found.

In the light of the silence of the Archbishop of Canterbury on Palestine and Iraq since moving in to Lambeth Palace – added to his deafening muteness after the acts of kidnapping, murder, piracy, theft which befell the aid flotilla on 31st. May – your stance is faith restoring, in both senses of the word, for those of all faiths and of none.

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Howard Zinn: The Bomb by David Swanson

by David Swanson
t r u t h o u t
20 July 2010

The late Howard Zinn’s new book “The Bomb” is a brilliant little dissection of some of the central myths of our militarized society. Those who’ve read “A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments,” by H.P. Albarelli Jr. know that this is a year for publishing the stories of horrible things that the United States has done to French towns. In that case, Albarelli, describes the CIA administering LSD to an entire town, with deadly results. In “The Bomb,” Zinn describes the U.S. military making its first use of napalm by dropping it all over another French town, burning anyone and anything it touched. Zinn was in one of the planes, taking part in this horrendous crime.

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