US and Colombia plan to attack Venezuela + Venezuela will suspend all oil shipments to the US in the event of an attack by Eva Golinger

by Eva Golinger
Global Research, July 26, 2010
Postcards from the Revolution, July 24, 2010

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez denounced this Saturday US plans to attack his country and overthrow his government. During a ceremony celebrating the 227th birthday of Independence hero Simon Bolivar, Chavez read from a secret memo he had been sent from an unnamed source inside the United States.

“Old friend, I haven’t seen you in years. As I said to you in my three prior letters, the idea remains the generation of a conflict on your western border”, read Chavez from the secret missive.

“The latest events confirm all, or almost all, of what those here discussed as well as other information that I have obtained from above”, the letter continued.

“The preparation phase in the international community, with the help of Colombia, is in plain execution”, manifested the text, referring to last Thursday’s session in the Organization of American States (OAS), during which the Colombia government accused Venezuela of harboring “terrorists” and “terrorist training camps” and gave the Chavez government a “30-day ultimatum” to allow for international intervention.

The letter continued with more details, “I told you before that the events wouldn’t begin before the 26th, but for some reason they have moved forward several actions that were supposed to be executed afterward”.

“In the United States, the execution phase is accelerating, together with a contention force, as they call it, towards Costa Rica with the pretext of fighting drug trafficking”.

On July 1, the Costan Rican government authorized 46 US war ships and 7,000 marines into their maritime and land territory.

The true objective of this military mobilization, said the letter, is to “support military operations” against Venezuela.


“There is an agreement between Colombia and the US with two objectives: one is Mauricio and the other is the overthrow of the government”, revealed the document. President Chavez explained that “Mauricio” is a pseudynom used in these communications.

“The military operation is going to happen”, warned the text, “and those from the north will do it, but not directly in Caracas”.

“They will hunt ‘Mauricio’ down outside Caracas, this is very important, I repeat, this is very important”.

President Chavez revealed that he had received similar letters from the same source alerting him to dangerous threats. He received one right before the capture of more than 100 Colombian paramilitaries in the outskirts of Caracas that were part of an assassination plan against the Venezuelan head of state, and another in 2002, just days before the coup d’etat that briefly outsted him from power. “The letter warned of snipers and the coup”, explained Chavez, “and it was right, the information was true, but we were unable to act to prevent it”.


This information comes on the heels of the decision last Thursday to break relations between Colombia and Venezuela, made by President Chavez after Colombia’s “show” in the OAS.

“Uribe is capable of anything”, warned Chavez, announcing that the country was on maximum altert and the borders were being reinforced.

Last October, Colombia and the US signed a military agreement permitting the US to occupy seven Colombian bases and to use all Colombian territory as needed to complete missions. One of the bases in the agreement, Palanquero, was cited in May 2009 US Air Force documents as necessary to “conduct full spectrum military operations” in South America and combat the threat of “anti-US governments” in the region.

Palanquero was also signaled as critical to the Pentagon’s Global Mobility Strategy, as outlined in the February 2009 White Paper: Air Mobility Command Global En Route Strategy, “USSOUTHCOM has identified Palanquero, Colombia (German Olano Airfield SKPQ), as a cooperative security location (CSL). From this location nearly half of the continent can be covered by a C-17 without refueling”.

The 2010 Pentagon budget included a $46 million USD request to improve the installations at Palanquero, in order to support the Command Combatant’s “Theater Posture Strategy” and “provide for a unique opportunity for full spectrum operations in a critical sub region of our hemisphere where security and stability is under constant threat from narcotics funded terrorist insurgencies, anti-US governments, endemic poverty and recurring natural disasters”.

The May 2009 Air Force document further added that Palanquero would be used to “increase our capacity to conduct Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), improve global reach…and expand expeditionary warfare capability”.

In February 2010, the US National Directorate of Intelligence (NDI) classified Venezuela as “Anti-US Leader” in the region in its annual threat assessment.

The US also maintains forward operation locations (small military bases) in Aruba and Curazao, just miles off the Venezuelan coast. In recent months, the Venezuelan government has denounced unauthorized incursions of drone planes and other military aircraft into Venezuelan territory, originating from the US bases.

These latest revelations evidence that a serious, and unjustified conflict is brewing fast against Venezuela, a country with a vibrant democracy and the largest oil reserves in the world.

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Venezuela will suspend all oil shipments to the US in the event of an attack

By Eva Golinger
Postcards from the Revolution
Caracas, Sunday, July 25, 2010

After Venezuelan President Chavez revealed intelligence data yesterday during a national address indicating the imminence of an aggression against his government via Colombia with support from the United States, the country is on maximum alert. Today, the Venezuelan President suspended an important trip to Cuba to celebrate the July 26th anniversary of the Moncada Battle. Chavez was to meet with Fidel Castro, recently recuperated and active again in his nation’s politics, and was scheduled to give the key address at the Moncada commemoration.

“After reviewing intelligence reports and other information all night, I have decided to suspend my trip to Cuba”, declared Chavez on Sunday before tens of thousands of members from the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). “The possibility of an armed attack against Venezuela from Colombia is too high, and therefore I will remain in the country”.

Chávez also warned the US government that in the event of a military attack against Venezuela from Colombia or elsewhere, all oil supply will be suspended. “Let the United States know, that if any aggression is waged against us, we will cut off all oil supply to them. Not a single drop of oil for the United States!”

Venezuela currently supplies more than 15% of US oil needs, but also has seven oil refineries in US territory and over 14,000 gas stations run by CITGO, a Venezuelan-owned company. In January, the US Geological Survey (USGS) determined that Venezuela has the largest recoverable oil reserves in the world, with over 500 billion barrels and counting.

On July 1, Costa Rica, a nation whose constitution prohibits the presence of any armed forces, agreed to allow 46 warships and 7000 US marines inside its territory. Last October, Colombia signed a 10-year agreement permitting the US to occupy seven military bases and all civilian installations as necessary within its territory.

US Air Force documents from May 2009 revealed the intention behind the occupation of Colombian bases was to combat “the constant threat…of anti-US governments in the region”, as well as to conduct “full spectrum military operations” throughout South America (see below). [see above post]


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10 thoughts on “US and Colombia plan to attack Venezuela + Venezuela will suspend all oil shipments to the US in the event of an attack by Eva Golinger

  1. Carlos, we are the people, not the power. It would not matter what the US people did. We would still never be able to overthrow the US Government. Our technology has grown much to fast for this to ever end with a peaceful resolution. Our government will now, either successfully take over the entire world and eventually through policing the world, bring about world peace or they will destroy the entire world trying.

  2. This is insanity. And I was looking at possibly immigrating to Venezuela (Santa Margarita Isle). I have an Iraqi friend that was forced from her home in Baghdad. Talked with her two days ago, she said it’s worse now in Iraq than it has ever been. I wonder if Obama plans on leaving Venezuela the same way; extreme political corruption and rampant crime and death squads.

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  8. This is pure insanity. Our governing regime will murder and rob anybody. Hugo Chavez has a lot to teach wannabe democracies – for that he and his content citizens get bullied with death threats. I admire how Hugo responds with an offensive rather than a defensive attitude. That probably messes with the nazi’s tactics.

    It’s a pure fantasy carlos that “we the people” actually get off of our asses and do anything about our missing human rights. “We” are asleep at the wheel and have already crashed into the dictatorship that rules us. It’s a helpless feeling for the people who are very awake and very aware.


  9. Considering recent history, there is little dobt as to te accuracy of Chavez’s statements. The only possible solution to this mess is if the people of the US wake up and reclaim their country from the bankers and corporations. That goes for the other countries of the world. Venezuela and Iran are leading the way in waking up the world.

  10. every day now this totally corrupt&bankrupt gov is up to no good world wide,with the bottom line oil is always involved!!!t5hat said the main reason these nazis in power can do their evil in the world is because”we the people”sit back and allow these evil deeds,worldwide,and unless we can emulate the brave&courageous actions of our brothers&sisters,white,black,brown&red from the 60s&70s,milions of innocent people will be slaughterd ,and we here in america will be a step closer to living in a fasist dictatorship ,leaving a world of hell for our kids to live in!!!!COME ON people,no more excuses,stand up to these pigs NOW<BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!!!!!

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