David Ray Griffin: What is the proof?

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“In fact, Osama bin Laden is a pilot of Americ...

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with David Ray Griffin
Bonnie Faulkner
Guns and Butter
May 11, 2011
July 22, 2009 interview

We examine all the evidence, both that indicating bin Laden died, and that suggesting he was still alive in 2009; the important bin Laden videos and audio recordings, the significance, if any, in the timing of their release; and statements by significant political and intelligence figures.

From the archives:

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Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive? by David Ray Griffin

“Osama bin Laden Dead or Alive?” with Dr. David Ray Griffin (more info on original post)

2 thoughts on “David Ray Griffin: What is the proof?

  1. Our bogeyman Osama died of complications from Marfan’s syndrome in December, 2001. That is the reality. The unreality, the Twilight Zone USA…it has surpassed anything Rod Serling ever introduced.

    Osama bin Laden died in December, 2001. Most everything before that–and certainly everything after that, officially, is pure bullshit. Think about it. Smell that smell.

    And does anyone reading this know what “bin Laden” actually means?

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