John Pilger: Propaganda and Censorship Is the Real Problem in the US

John Pilger: Propaganda and Censorship Is the Real Problem in the US

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with John Pilger

Watching the Hawks RT on Sept 18, 2017

With all eyes on the nuclear standoff with North Korea, what is the over-arching agenda in play behind the politics of crisis? Tyrel Ventura sits down with documentary filmmaker and journalist John Pilger to learn more about the unfolding behind-the-scenes power play, and to discuss his latest documentary, “The Coming War on China.”

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14 thoughts on “John Pilger: Propaganda and Censorship Is the Real Problem in the US

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  9. I couldn’t agree more with Pilger’s premise that the real problem in the world today is the propaganda and censorship Americans face in learning the truth about what our country is doing, and what’s really happening in the world. I woke up this morning thinking about this, actually, wondering how the truth could become widely known. So it seemed like I was in the flow somehow to come across this video on Dandelion Salad (thank you, Lo!).

    However, even if you have the opportunity to tell the truth, people have filters that preserve their ideological stances, which prevent them from absorbing it. I really don’t think you can get past that, not as long as the emotional pinnings which motivate the ideology are still in place.

    Lurking not so far under the surface, lies a dark shadow — that of Americans not wanting to see the truth because of the desire to keep up some semblance of superiority to other people in the world, both militarily and economically. It’s largely motivated by racism and other kinds of fears and false dichotomies, and how it manifests depends greatly on a person’s social and economic status and class, education, privileges and stake in the status quo.

    Nevertheless, there is a growing cognitive dissonance between the myths Americans believe in, (freedom, democracy, the pursuit of happiness, prosperity and peace), and the reality of how we bomb people in other countries… continually in various countries, actually stealing all of those conditions from them.

    It’s taking a lot of work to continue to be in denial about how much blood the American military spills, and certainly nobody performs the calculations of how much blood must be shed elsewhere in the world to preserve our “way of life”. Blood dripping from the hands holding the bank book. In many respects, Americans have become like the mother of a heroin addict who is in denial that her son has a problem, no matter what she witnesses.

    Despite journalists who tell the truth, John Pilger, Bruce Gagnon, F. William Engdahl, Pepe Escobar, Finian Cunningham, Chris Hedges, Sung-Hee Choi, Dahr Jamail, to name a few, the majority of Americans, even intelligent, educated Americans, do not read their reporting. So what can be done? As a visionary, I keep coming around again and again, to the role of women in the world today. Women must step into their power and start weighing in the conversation, getting their voices heard.

    We have such a clear choice today of what our future might be. When we can share the vision of balance and harmony, peace and stewardship of the Earth, a vision of a reality in which we have transcended all the divisions which have divided us, starting with the most basic one of women and men, who wouldn’t want to choose a promising future like that?

    The path we are on leads only to hell on earth. The clarion bell could not be ringing any louder for those who are ready to hear: we must evolve and come together, cooperating instead of competing, working collectively to develop better systems, learning how better to resolve conflicts, and how to contain those whose greed and desire for power could destroy humanity.

      • A wonderful comment, I wholeheartedly agree and concur, peacevisionary.

        A healthy planetary future in a multi-dimensional universe spells out the urgent need for mature tolerance and respect for authentic diversity. There is no alternative. We have to evolve, really begin to grow up and cultivate the conscious will to live an enlightened existence in relationship with all true beings.

        John Pilger is a very broadminded and wise commentator. As Tyrel says, it’s a great interview.

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