Abby Martin: All This Shit Doesn’t Matter–Every Issue Must Be Seen Through the Lens of the US Empire

State of the Union

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Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

The Jimmy Dore Show on Nov 14, 2017 

Part 2

Is Rachel Maddow Dangerous To Journalism?

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7 thoughts on “Abby Martin: All This Shit Doesn’t Matter–Every Issue Must Be Seen Through the Lens of the US Empire

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  6. Terrific interview with Abby.

    As I see it, the US is one gigantic recruiting office for terrorism; so maybe that’s the point. The sick ambition of the lap-dog Uncle Sam lackies is to drive the whole world crazy, so that a few paranoid psychotics can live in a mercenary’s paradise. Leave the natural world go to hell, so the super-eugenic controllers can enjoy their exceptional quarantined comforts.

    Remember Magna Carta? Unfinished business…but let’s not reinvent the guillotine.

    The only way to bring these sadistic brutality-peddling bullshit barons to book, is to radically revise our moral sense of (ecological) planetary virtue, affirm cosmopolitan cultural freedoms, and demand the legitimate empowerment of just courts, representative parliaments, assemblies & independent judiciaries around the world ~ to stand up against these imbeciles, for real rights that decry all species of tyranny, however persuasively they are disguised, branded, camouflaged or spun.

    We have to utterly debunk and junk this spiralling disaster that is ‘fake America.”

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